Testing and Assessments

Eastern Carver County School District is committed to measuring student progress and being accountable for student achievement. For that purpose, the district maintains a comprehensive program of assessment for all students

There are two main types of assessments; formative and summative:

  • Formative assessment happens during the learning process and is often referred to as the assessment for learning. Formative assessment is used to diagnose student needs and plan instruction to meet every student’s individual needs. Feedback is provided to students while working on a test or project to improve learning.
  • Summative assessment happens at the end of the learning process and is often referred to as the assessment of learning. It is used to measure the achievement on a completed task, project or course. Summative assessments are generally used for reporting.
Why do we have multiple assessments?

No single assessment can measure a student’s total learning in a school environment. A variety of assessments are important to answer different questions about each individual student. Data collected from assessments, when used properly, lead to improved achievement.

Assessments are one tool used to:


  • student achievement levels and skill performance
  • students who may benefit from intervention programs
  • at risk or gifted students
  • student learning
  • the effectiveness of our educational system
  • student knowledge and skills relative to Minnesota Academic Standards
  • educational innovations and curriculum
Improve Instruction
  • to guide efforts to adapt instruction to the needs and abilities of students
  • by assisting in setting educational priorities for groups or individual students
  • to students, parents, teachers, district staff, school board, and community members
  • to provide information on student achievement
Student Services Supervisor
David Brecht


Testing Calendar 2017-18

Testing Calendar - Click to expand


Sept. 5-Oct. 27 NWEA MAP Fall Testing Window and La Academia (CPAA Spanish) K-5 All Students / 6-8 and HS 9 Online
Sept. 18 -Oct. 27 NWEA MAP Fall Testing Window K Online
Oct. 11-Oct. 12 Pre-ACT 10 Paper
Jan. 2-26 NWEA MAP Winter Testing Window All Day, Extended Day K and selected students 1-9 Online
Jan 29 – Mar. 23 ACCESS (WIDA) Alternate ACCESS for EL K-12 ESL Students Administered by district ELL Staff / Online & paper
Mar. 5 -May 4 Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS): Reading/Mathematics/Science 3/5-3/22 3-8, 10, 11 Alternate Assessment / Science – 5, 8, High School Administered by trained Specialized Services staff
Mar.5- May 4 MCA Reading and Math Online 3-8, 10 ,11 Online
Mar. 5- May 111 MCA Science 5, 8, HS Online
March 12-16 Middle School Reading MCA CMSW 6-8 Online
April 3 High School Reading MCA 10 Online
April 3 ACT 11 Paper
April 2 – May 25 NWEA MAP Spring Testing Window K-9 Online
April 4-5 Middle School Reading MCA CMSE 6-8 Online
April 11-12 High School MCA Science HS Online
April 16-17 Middle School Math MCA CMSE 6-8 Online
April 16-20 Elementary Reading MCA 3-5 Online
April 18 – 19 Middle School Reading MCA PRMS 6-8 Online
Apr. 23 – 27 Middle School Math MCA CMSW 6-8 Online
Apr. 23 – 27 Elementary Math MCA 3-5 Online
April 25 -26 Middle School Math MCA PRMS 6-8 Paper
April 24 ACT Make-up 11 Paper
April 30 – May 1 High School Math MCA HS  Online
April 30 – May 1 PC/TAP Math MCA Student in Attendance Online
May 2-3 PC/TAP Reading MCA Student in Attendance
May 2-3 Middle School Science MCA 8 Online
May 8 Elementary Science MCA 5 Online
May 8-9 PC/TAP Science MCA Student in Attendance Online

Click here for a printable copy of the District Testing Calendar

MCA Testing Schedule - Click to expand
MTAS Testing Schedule


March 6-7 Jonathan Elementary School
March 7, 14, 21 Chaska Middle School West
March 8, 15, 22 Chaska Middle School West
March 8-9 Victoria Elementary School /Chaska Middle School East
March 10, 13 Chanhassen High School
March 10, 15 Clover Ridge Elementary School
March 13-14 Chanhassen Elementary School
March 14 Bluff Creek Elementary School
March 15 Chaska High School
March 16, 20 Pioneer Ridge Middle School
March 17-18 Chanhassen Elementary School
March 20 Chaska Elementary School


ACCESS 2.0 Testing Calendar