Title I

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally-funded program designed to provide additional help for children in reading and math. Title I teachers work with the children in small groups or in the regular classroom using a variety of teaching techniques that reinforce reading & math skills.

How are students selected for the program?

Students are selected for services on the basis of classroom teacher observation, informal assessments, and test scores. The students in the program are monitored throughout the year. A student leaves the program when the classroom teacher feels the child would be successful without the extra help.

District Title I Coordinator

Lois Bergquist



How would you characterize a Title I student?

All children have their own individual patterns of timing and growth. Some children learn more efficiently in smaller groups. These children benefit from additional activities that review and use new concepts introduced in the classroom. Some children simply work at a slower pace and need more time and individual attention to master reading or math skills.

Do Title I students miss valuable classroom instruction?

Very careful consideration goes into scheduling Title I students for service. The goal is to maximize instructional time for each student. Every provision is made so that the students do not miss instruction from the classroom teacher.

What roles do the parents play?

Parental involvement is vital and contributes significantly to the success of the student in the Title I program. Parents are informed about Title I services through parent meetings, conferences, newsletters, emails and phone calls.

What are the goals of Title I?

The Title I staff is dedicated to helping children master the basic skills in reading and math that will keep them on track and assure them an opportunity to experience success in the classroom.



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