Eastern Carver County School has offered a high-quality immersion school since 2012 at La Academia, a two-way, dual language Spanish immersion school. After five years, the school will move in the Chaska Elementary School building this fall. La Academia will have space to grow to four sections at each grade level if demand for the program continues to increase. The move to a larger school is possible due to construction of Carver Elementary. Current Chaska Elementary students will attend either Clover Ridge and Carver Elementary Schools in the fall. These plans, and other attendance area changes, have been communicated to families since the summer of 2016.

As for La Academia fifth-graders who are fluent in Spanish, they can choose Spanish immersion classes at Chaska Middle School West this fall. Students can take a 6th grade Communication Arts course in Spanish called Expresiones, and a U.S. History course in Spanish. They are taught in Spanish yet content and standards are similar to the English-only versions of these classes.

The program at Chaska Middle School West is uniquely designed as a continuation of the two-way, dual-language immersion at La Academia. Middle School West will add immersion classes in 7th and 8th grades as students matriculate. When students enter the high school program to be located at Chanhassen High School, they can continue to take an array of advanced Spanish classes, some of which can earn them college credit.