We are offering an extended Chromebook protection plan for this summer. Did you have insurance for the 2016-2017 school year?  If not consider purchasing Chromebook protection plan yet this school year, coverage will start immediately and continue through the summer of 2018.

Protection Plan for 2017-2018 (including summer of 2017)

Full-Time Protection:

As a courtesy to families, Eastern Carver County Schools provides an optional damage waiver to defray the cost of replacement or repair* of District Chromebooks in the event of accidental damage, liquid damages, fire, flood, theft, natural disaster and power surge due to lightning.  Without it, families are responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacement. With it, families pay less for repairs or replacement.

The cost is $25.00 for coverage from the date of purchase through the summer of 2018. This protection must be purchased prior to any incident of damage, loss, or theft of the Chromebook for 2017-18 school year. For families that have more than one Chromebook, a maximum of $50 will be charged to cover the multiple devices (The process is the family should go online and signup for 2 insurance purchases ($50) and then contact any of their children’s schools and let the school know that they would like request insurance be provided for their other children’s Chromebooks).

Enroll for remainder of 2016-17 & all of 2017-18 school year:

Click here to enroll in Eastern Carver County Schools’ Chromebook Protection Plan, provided by One2One Risk Solutions. (Please Note that you will need the student ID number of the student that the device will be issued to, that can be found within Campus Portal.)

First Screen Coverage:

Chromebooks with a paid damage loss waiver will have the first incident of damage to a Chromebook screen repaired at no cost.

A stolen or vandalized device:

A stolen Chromebook or one that has been vandalized can only be covered if a police report has been filed and school dean has been notified in a timely manner. Given the rare occurrence of theft or vandalism, only one incident will be covered by this plan.

All district Chromebooks are warranted from defects in the material and workmanship and will be repaired at no charge. This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, or computer viruses.

Deliberate or malicious damage is not covered by the District damage waiver and all device problems must be reported to your school’s media center.

For the 2017-18 school year, the following fees will apply as the full replacement or repair cost of Chromebooks:

Damage Item Cost With Damage Waiver (per incident) Cost W/out damage waiver (per incident)
LCD Screen $25.00 (* First incident FREE ) $50.00
Keyboard $34.00 $68.00
Motherboard $55.00 $110.00
Top or Bottom Cover $22.50 $45.00
Screen Bezel $14.50 $29.00
Flash Drive $12.50 $25.00
Battery $25.00 $50.00
Power Adapter Specifications at: http://www.district112.org/connexion/ Not covered Not covered
Damage beyond repair $100.00 (first incidence only) $200.00
Lost or Stolen with Police Report $100.00 (first incidence only) $200.00
Lost or Stolen; no Police Report $200.00 $200.00