E. Carver Co. Schools was awarded 2017 Exemplar District Recognition from the Minnesota Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) State Leadership team. The PBIS system recognizes and rewards positive student behaviors and seeks to eliminate negative ones, such as bullying.

The PBIS plan is to be clear about what is good behavior, to reward good behavior, and to give students a chance to correct bad behavior before consequences. Fewer students sent to the office means teachers are spending more time on coursework than on managing classroom behaviors.

All schools in the district utilize the PBIS approach. Some schools have seen discipline referrals to the main office drop by 70 percent over the time they’ve been using this systematic approach called Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).

Underpinning the program are clear expectations for good behavior. Schools call it PRIDE – prepared, respectful, integrity, dependability and excellence. It’s shorthand for a longer list of expected behaviors for oneself and how to treat others and property. Key for the program’s effectiveness is that all staff throughout the district uses the same methods.

The PBIS model uses data collection and analysis for continuous improvement. This is how schools including Pioneer Ridge and Chaska Middle School West know the percentage of students referred to the office has declined by about 72 percent and more than 76 percent, respectively. By knowing when, where and how students misbehave, schools can address persistent problems.