Opportunity to help support students coming this fall

The District 112 Foundation is a non-profit organization separate from the school district with an independent board of directors. For the first time in the district’s 112 years, the foundation will sponsor a charitable giving campaign. The foundation’s goals include supporting student activities, reducing students’ economic insecurity, building an alumni association and creating an endowment fund. Residents of Eastern Carver County Schools will be asked to consider supporting the District 112 Foundation in November. Watch your mailboxes for more information on how to support the foundation. Remember, the District 112 Foundation is separate from Eastern Carver County Schools — individuals have a choice whether to give to the foundation.

This campaign is about improving opportunities for students. This spring, Eastern Carver County Schools hired an advancement director to expand philanthropic giving on behalf of our teacher and students. The district relies primarily on revenue from the state of Minnesota and local property taxes to fund day-to-day operations. Adding charitable giving to the mix of funding will provide more local control. Donors can direct dollars where they are needed. Over time, if private donations increase, this can help offset tax revenue.

Click HERE for more information about the District 112 Foundation.