As part of our commitment to ensuring safe and effective use of technology, parents/guardians can now view a report of all web traffic on their student’s Chromebook.

  • Look for an email summary report from on Wednesday nights.
  • Or you may also logon to the Securly web portal anytime using your email address. Look for a link in the email from Securly to complete your enrollment.
  • Eastern Carver County Schools monitors all internet access from any device that connects to our network at school. This includes personal devices, however, the district cannot and does not monitor personal devices outside of school. There is no report available for a personal device used at school, only for district-provided Chromebooks.
  • In the Securly web portal you have the option to permit/restrict Internet access when your student’s Chromebook is away from school. You have the option to block additional categories of websites along with specific sites. You are not able to change sites which have been blocked by the district or change the district’s blocked categories.
  • Our monitoring provider is Securly, for more information about them, visit