On Monday and Tuesday, Eastern Carver County Schools employees are encouraged to share expressions of gratitude for their school, their colleagues and the students and families they serve.

Recounting the good things we have in life is a proven way to bolster our own happiness. And we can make someone’s day brighter by sharing our positive thoughts about them and their work. The district is running a social media campaign aimed at employees to let them know how much they are appreciated.

  • Employees who use Twitter are encouraged to post their message/image of gratitude with the hashtag #ECCSGratitude. Communications Department staff will curate these messages to broadcast on TV monitors set up in our schools for this purpose.

Next week, you may see TV monitors in school displaying these messages. The district will share a web link that allows you to see these message.

This is a social media campaign aimed primarily at district employees. Families and students who follow the district on social media are welcome to participate.