google expedition ARAR device screen
This week, students at Jonathan Elementary got a glimpse of what the future of education looks like when the Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program visited their classrooms. This new augmented reality (AR) technology allows students to use an Android phone to bring 3D digital objects into the classroom.

As teachers guide students through lessons, like learning about an erupting volcano or exploring ancient Rome, the 3D objects appear on the student’s device so that everyone can examine it together at the same time.  This technology allows students to see a 360-degree view of things they have read about or have seen in books.

Jo Jacobson, one of the district’s digital learning coaches, helped bring this learning experience to Jonathan Elementary. “We saw a lot of excitement, energy and noise from our students today as they used this innovative technology,” she explained. “Students were immediately engaged when they viewed a variety of three dimensional objects using this Google program.”

Our district’s students and staff are among the first to experience this innovative Expeditions AR program.