One of the most significant parts of the 2015 referendum — and the least known — was $7.5 milllion for deferred maintenance. Our schools are exceptionally-maintained and, apart from the architecture, it is difficult to tell that a few of them are nearly 50 years old. On-going maintenance is how we keep buildings looking good and and operating efficiently. Deferred maintenance may not be as exciting as opening a new school. Yet, it is essential to preserve past investments the public has made in Eastern Carver County Schools.
Deferred maintenance dollars from the 2015 referendum reached most schools in the district. Here are some of the major repairs and updates. Keep in mind that for every large item on this list, there are a half-dozen smaller items, like carpet repairs in an office or tile repairs to a bathroom.
  • Bluff Creek Elementary: re-roofing
  • Chanhassen Elementary School: re-roofing
  • Clover Ridge Elementary School: pavement repair
  • Chaska High School: re-roofing, flooring & pavement renovation
  • Family Learning Center: heating/ventilation/air conditioner replacement
  • La Academia: stairwell repairs, electrical updates
  • Chaska Middle School West: re-roofing, flooring & pavement renovation
  • Chaska Middle School East: pavement renovation
  • Jonathan Elementary School: Carpet/flooring replacement, pavement renovation & intercom update
  • Victoria Elementary School: sound system/bell update