Results of Eastern Carver County School’s parent/guardian survey indicates strong satisfaction with the school district. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they were happy with the school district. This result is the same as the 2016 survey. Every other year, the district sends a survey via email to 3,000 parents/guardians selected at random. Typical response rate is about 30 percent. This year 955 individuals responded, and of those respondents, 83 percent completed all survey questions. The district conducts this survey as one way to monitor on-going satisfaction with the district. This survey helps track key indicators, but it is not considered a scientifically-valid study.  The sample of parents/guardians is not designed to accurately mirror the district population and nonresponse bias is likely with an email survey. Eastern Carver County Schools conducts a scientific survey in alternating years with this email survey.

The results and written comments from this survey are shared with all district leaders. The survey received about 250 written comments, and topics were wide-ranging, including comments about grading to praise for individual teachers and staff. See below for a summary of key parent/guardian responses.