Photo of students working on a drone helicoptor

5th grade students learning to program a drone

District 112 Foundation has awarded three fully funded teacher grants. This was made possible by a $3,500 grant from Charter Bank to the District 112 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to support excellence and innovation in Eastern Carver County Schools.

Thank you, Charter Bank, for enabling District 112 Foundation to support the following grants:

  1. Coding to Fly Drones: This grant enables the implementation of what used to be a pilot program to give all 5th grade students the opportunity to learn how to code to fly drones to generate student interest in coding. ​See a video of this project in action!
  2. Learning a New Language Through Light Reading: ​This grant gives students studying Spanish at Pioneer Ridge Middle School voice and choice through developing an in-classroom Spanish language magazine library. Magazines, as a form of light literature, appeal to a variety of student interests and proficiency levels.
  3. Photography Portrait Studio: This grant provides Chaska High School an indoor lighting portrait studio adjacent to the photography classroom and will give students the ability to create professional quality portraits with studio lighting for class projects. In addition, it will give seniors in need of financial assistance access to a senior portrait shoot to be included in the yearbook.

Teacher grants support unique and targeted needs in our district. These grants are only possible with the support of District 112 Foundation. Learn more at:


Grant to increase number of wifi hotspots

Thanks to a $5,000 grant awarded to District 112 Foundation by the Chaska Rotary Foundation, three new wifi hotspots will be purchased for use across the district.

The wifi hotspot program provides students who do not have at home internet connection the ability to successfully complete homework and other school projects on their school issued Chromebook. Of the nearly 10,000 K-12 ECCS students, approximately 2,000 students (20%) do not have readily available access to wifi at home. ​To address this need, 28 individual wifi hotspot “pucks” have been made available for check out at our media centers by students for home use on weekday evenings.

While these hotspots are an effective solution to provide wifi to students in need, the current supply does not fully address demand. Please contact District 112 Foundation if you would like to support needed wifi access for Eastern Carver County Schools students: