Families of Eastern Carver County Schools,

We have been informed that Highway 41 between Hundertmark Road and Pioneer Trail will remain closed next week. This is our first week of school. This road has been under construction by the state of Minnesota and Carver County all summer.

•    If you or your student driver needs to get around this area, please review the project web site for detours.

•    If you have a student driver traveling around this area, or if you drive your student to school, please allow for extra travel time around this area.

•    The Highway 41 intersections at Hundertmark and Pioneer Trail are very slow during rush hours. There is always more traffic on the first day of school. Chaska Police and the State Patrol will provide additional traffic support next week.

•    District bus transportation will experience delays. Please be patient and use the free MyStop app to track the travel of your student’s bus. Multiple routes may be affected, including schools far from the construction zone. This is because a single bus may drive routes for three separate schools. If that bus is delayed on its first route, its remaining two routes also run late. Bus drivers are trained to always put safety before speed or efficiency, so please keep this in mind if you have to wait.


Our goal is the safe daily journey of students to and from school. We look forward to seeing your student next week!