District 112 Foundation has funded eight teacher grant requests for a total of $15,000 in awarded funds.


1 & 2. Chanhassen Sensory Room (Chanhassen High School) and The Reset Room (Chaska High School)
These grants support the creation of rooms where staff could encourage students to go for a quick reset when they are dealing with anxiety, high stress, or high emotions. The rooms will give students the opportunity to regain composure and assist them in self-regulating behavior in an appropriate space.

3. Extending Makerspace: Circulating Makerspace Kits (Chaska Middle School East)

This grant provides for expansion on the weekly offering of Makerspace sessions during WIN time. By creating mini Makerspace kits that can be checked out by staff or learners, CMSE will expand the Makerspace Learning Center program into classrooms and exponentially increase learners’ opportunities to enrich and extend their learning.

4. Next Generation of Music Education (Chaska Middle School West)
This grant enables the music department to go beyond the traditional scope of teaching band, choir and orchestra. Students will have the opportunity to study other genres of music like rock, hip hop, and pop. Students will learn instruments like drums, guitar and piano and will use technology to create unique music.

5. Harmony Bridge: Bridging Generations through Music (Pioneer Ridge Middle School)
This grant supports bringing the Harmony Bridge program to the music department. Harmony Bridge is a multi-faceted program which connects students of all ages and grade levels to elderly people through musical performances and fellowship. The program will be sustained through close work with schools’ curriculum and students’ service to the community.

6. Gizmos and Gadgets: Coding through Physics (Carver Elementary School)
This grant funds Little Bits Code Kits to be used as another tool to build student skills in coding, block programming, electricity, and physics. With Little Bits Code Kit students are able to code using snap together circuits, lights, and sensors to allow students to code and build their own inventions while learning the code behind the functions of the kit.

7. Diverse Resources for Diverse Learners (Bluff Creek Elementary School)
This grant benefits the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, who work together in Project Based Learning and Inquiry Based Learning models. This grant will provide additional materials and books for all science and social studies learning target areas.

8. Growing Curiosity in the Winter Garden (Bluff Creek Elementary School)
This grant supports the Bluff Creek Elementary school garden committee in turning their garden into a cold weather growing space. Students will have access to the garden and can see things in various stages of growth for a longer period during the year. The garden is used for STEAM and service projects, to conduct growing experiments, and will students will now be able to spend time outside during colder months to engage in more hands on learning.

Teacher grants support unique and targeted needs in our district. These grants are only possible with the support of District 112 Foundation. Learn more at:Eccs.mn/foundation