The School Board certified its tax levy on Dec. 10. The property tax levy determines 22 percent of the district’s total revenue. The largest source, 72 percent, is from the state of Minnesota. The district’s property tax levy is increasing by 5.8 percent, but most properties in the school district will see no increase or a slight decrease to the school district portion of their tax bill. This is because that increased levy is offset by two factors: There are more properties in the school district (the cities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver and Victoria), and property values are increasing. An increase in property valuation spreads the school district’s tax levy across a larger base, thus lowering the tax on an individual property. School district taxes, overall, have been declining since 2015 due to the growing tax base, and conservative fiscal management by the School Board and district administration.

The School Board sets a tax levy each year. Tax levy items under direct board control are small compared to decisions by Eastern Carver County Schools voters and state law. Voters in the school district have approved referendums that comprise 84 percent of the levy the school board is considering for next year. The remaining 16 percent are based on decisions at the state level and, to a lesser degree, school district and School Board decisions.

The chart below shows an estimate of the annual school district tax for various home values, including proposed 2019. Individual property taxes will vary due to a variety of factors that can change the tax on each property.

tax levy chart