Eastern Carver County Schools continued to post strong graduation rates at its high schools, according to data released by the Minnesota Department of Education on April 23. Across both high schools, the number of graduating seniors rose almost three percent, from 91.7 percent in 2018 to 94.9 percent in 2018. The 2017-2018 statewide graduation rate was 83.2 percent.

Graduation rates at Chanhassen High School remain stable, moving from 96.4 percent in 2017 to 96.9 percent in 2018.  Graduation rates rose significantly at both Chaska High School and the Integrated Arts Academy. The Integrated Arts Academy graduation rates in 2017 were 43.9 percent and hit 69.6 percent last year. The percentage of Chaska High School graduating seniors rose to 97.5 percent in 2018 from 92.6 percent in 2017.

The district is also working hard to close the graduation achievement gap and showed significant improvements – at least 10 percentage points but in many cases more, among the following MDE-identified student groups: Black, Hispanic, students who identify as two or more races, Special Education, students eligible for free or reduced meals and English Learners.


Four-year Graduation Rates
(by percentage)
2016-17 2017-18 2017-18
Student Group Eastern Carver
County Schools
Eastern Carver
County Schools
State of Minnesota
All Students 91.7 94.9 83.2
Asian 96.3 95.5 86.6
Hispanic 73.9 88.4 66.8
Black 79.2 90.5 67.4
White 94.6 96.2 88.4
Two or more races 66.7 77.8 72.0
English Learner 57.7 75.0 65.6
Special Education 61.8 81.9 62.3
Free/Reduced Meals 72.4 88.3 70.2


“Exceptional personalized learning means every one of our students is equipped with the education and skills they need to achieve their best,” Eastern Carver County Schools Superintendent Clint Christopher said. “We know there is much work to be done but these numbers attest to the work we are doing to close opportunity and achievement gaps so that every child can succeed.  These numbers attest to the hard work and commitment of our teachers, staff, parents, and community to support our learners.”