Please join us for the 2019 Senior Projects Expo – June 5 at Chaska High School.  

The Senior Project is a service learning opportunity offered to senior students each year. This year, 208 seniors completed more than 100 different projects throughout our community. The projects range from planting trees and building benches, to medical and legal site visits and job shadowing experiences. For the past 3 months, Chaska High School seniors have worked on developing their projects and meeting with community mentors. During the past two weeks, they have been working outside of school to complete their work.  On June 5, seniors will return to Chaska High School to exhibit their work to the public.

Chaska High School 2019 Senior Project Expo
Wednesday,  June 5th
10:30 – Noon OR 6:00 – 7:15 p.m.
Chaska High School Commons

Our high schools offer a unique learning opportunity to students at the end of their senior year. The Senior Project allows senior students to explore and prepare for life after high school. Offered during the final two weeks of the school year, this voluntary project gives students the freedom to design their own learning through projects that are of interest to them. The student-directed Senior Project focuses on one of four categories: community service, creativity, academics and career exploration. The Senior Project culminates at a community Senior Project Expo on the last day of school. The J.A. Wedum Foundation has provided funding to E. Carver Co. Schools to increase career experience opportunities for senior students. The district partners with Apriton Educational Advisors to provide meaningful job shadowing and mentor experiences.