Audrey Eidem, graduating from Chanhassen High School this week, is the recipient of the MASE $1000 scholarship presented by the Minnesota Administrators for Special Education and ECCS Specialized Education Services. Laura Pingry-Kile, Director of Specialized Services, served as MASE President this year and received the scholarship funding in honor of her work for the organization this year. She decided to award the scholarship to a graduating senior, interested in majoring in Special Education.

Audrey has been working as a student aide to help support students in the DISCOVER program at Chanhassen High School and is recognized by students and staff for her kindness, patience and interest in working with the students. As part of her scholarship application, Audrey wrote, “I hope that as a special education teacher I can help children learn and become independent as they grow up. It is so important that we teach children not only to read and write, but also to make their own choices and be confident.”

(L-R): Rachel Knaeble, Audrey Eidem, Laura Pingry-Kile