Forty-five minutes is set aside in every regular board meeting to give citizens an opportunity to be heard. Speakers must sign in before the meeting, provide their full address, and acknowledge they agree to abide by the board policy on public participation.  Speaking time is limited to three minutes; priority is given first to district residents. If there is time remaining, non-residents may have the opportunity address the board.  Speakers at the podium will be asked to provide their city of residence before beginning their remarks.

This time is not designed to address items concerning specific staff or students.  All speakers are reminded that personal attacks by anyone addressing the school board are unacceptable.  Persistence in such remarks by an individual shall terminate that person’s privilege to address the school board. 

During the Open Forum, the School Board will listen but will not try to resolve a concern at the meeting. The issue will be referred to the Superintendent for appropriate follow-up. Those wishing to speak who are not able within the time limit are encouraged to submit their comments in writing.