At its August 19 Meeting, the School Board approved entering into a purchase agreement to purchase an existing commercial/industrial building which will be converted into a new bus garage. The building is located at 4201 Norex Drive, in Chaska. The purchase of this property  is contingent on passage of the November 5 bond referenda, which includes funding to build a larger bus garage. 

The current bus garage, located in downtown Chaska, is only half the size needed to properly house and maintain district buses, and is also in need of $1.5M-2M in repairs. The referendum request for a larger bus garage would provide the space needed to service and maintain our buses, making bus service more reliable for students – while also reducing costs related to leaving buses outside rather than in a garage. You can read more about the November 5 referendum here

At its July 15 meeting, the board approved bringing transportation services in-house beginning the fall of 2021. The decision was made after review of a comprehensive transportation study that showed substantial cost-savings. The decision to bring transportation services in-house is independent of any outcome of the fall referendum. By bringing bus services in-house and owning all the buses, the district will be able to provide better service to families, save money and take better care of our own assets. Learn more about the decision to bring busing in-house here.