At its September 9 meeting, the School Board heard from Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, who conducted an equity audit of the school district. Dr. Khalifa presented his summary report, which identified eight focus areas. The report includes recommendations for curricular and professional development, as well as strategies to increase student and community engagement.

Next up for the district is the development of our equity action plan. Over the past year, the district has held over 50 focus groups throughout the community to develop an equity definition, vision, and beliefs. As part of that process, focus group attendees also identified those areas of work they thought needed attention. The district will now take all of that information, and consider that, with the audit, and all of our academic and behavioral data, as that action plan is formulated. A preliminary plan and short-term strategies will be ready over the fall, with a final plan in place over the winter. In the meantime, we are increasing our equity literacy and learning as a district, and continuing to identify professional development opportunities that will strengthen our school climate and culture.

Our School Board, and our district staff, remain committed to an educational environment where each of our students feels safe, welcome, and included, and has the tools and resources to succeed.

View Dr. Khalifa’s presentation to the School Board and read his Summary Report HERE.