Rumor: I heard a rumor that the new bus garage is being built to support busing in students from other districts to ours. I’ve also heard it’s related to the Cruz-Guzman lawsuit. Is that true?

Reality:  No. Both those statements are false. The district has significantly outgrown its current garage, which is only half the size needed to properly house and maintain district buses. The current garage was built for 50 buses and the district uses nearly 100 to transport nearly 10,0000 students each day. Buses sitting outside face additional wear and tear, and the maintenance bay area is grossly undersized to properly service vehicles that need repair.  The current garage also needs between $1.5 million and $2 million in repairs. 

The referendum request for a larger bus garage would provide the space needed to service and maintain our buses, making bus service more reliable for students — while also reducing costs related to leaving buses outside rather than in a garage.

Unrelated to the bond proposal, earlier this year the School Board approved a district recommendation to bring bus services in-house. By doing so, the district will be able to provide better service to resident families, save money, and take better care of our own assets.  At its August 19 meeting, the School Board approved entering into a purchase agreement to purchase an existing building in Chaska for a new bus garage; the agreement is contingent on passage of the November 5 referendum. 

Beyond benefits for the district and its residents, the move is a win for the broader community.  Carver County has expressed interest in purchasing the old bus garage site for county services and the DMV, and the current DMV location is of interest to the City of Chaska as the site for a future library.  

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