Good schools make strong communities. Eastern Carver County Schools is a district of choice for prospective homeowners. Not only do students benefit from the quality education in our district, but taxpayers have seen property values and businesses thrive. However, the school board understands that asking the community for money should occur only when absolutely needed. On Nov. 5, residents will be asked to vote on three funding requests to address funding needs and enrollment growth in our community. 

If voters approve the Nov. 5 referendum requests, the average homeowner ($350,000 home) would see a tax increase of about $36 per month: 

  • Question 1, the operating levy, asks for an increase in per pupil spending by $550/student, and if approved, this funding would be for a 10-year duration.  
  • Question 2, the bond, asks for $111.7M for deferred maintenance, the construction of the new school, and a new, larger bus garage. If approved, the bond would be approved for 20 years.  Question 2 is contingent on Question 1 passing.
  • Question 3, the security and technology levy, is a renewal for 10 years, so it is not asking for new money and would have no additional tax impact on property owners. Question 3 funds critical security and technology infrastructure, including the systems that protect our schools.  

As our district grows, so will the tax base. As taxes are spread across a growing tax base, taxes will decline for homeowners. School district taxes for residential taxpayers have actually declined between 14-16% over the last six years, even with the 2013 and 2015 voter approved referendas. School district taxes for commercial properties declined by approx 18-19% during that same timeframe See Levy Impact Comparison chart.

Not sure what the tax impact on your property will be?  We have a tax impact calculator on the district’s website that will calculate the estimated tax impact on your property.