BarbWhat is your favorite thing about working for Nutrition Services at Eastern Carver County Schools?

Growing up, my parents owned a restaurant in Bangladesh and this is where my passion for food and cooking comes from, so working for Nutrition Services is a very comfortable fit for me. 

What is the funniest thing a student has ever said to you?

When I first worked at Chaska Elementary kitchen, a little boy asked why I was so small. My thought was that I should encourage him to eat healthy like eating more vegetables so the answer I gave him was that I should have listened to my parents to eat more vegetables. Maybe I would have grown taller! The look on his face was priceless. 

What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

I live to eat, and I cook a lot of Chinese and Indian food. But my favorite thing to cook is spicy Indian dishes, like chicken, beef, mutton, or fish curry. 

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Gardening – but that’s usually in the summer. 

Who has had the biggest positive impact in your life and why?

My dad. He modeled for us a good work ethic and overcame many obstacles after leaving China for a better life in India. 

What is your favorite food to eat?

Anything and everything spicy – (the hotter the better!!)

If you could see any musical artist in concert, who would it be?

Elton John or Josh Groban

If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would it be?

No one in particular because several have had an influence on my life (who are no longer living). 

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for the students in your building?

Explore the world and see how other cultures live. Never take the freedoms and opportunities that you have in this country for granted. 

What is your memory of your school lunch experience?

The school I went to did not provide school lunch (no cafeteria). I used to bring my lunch and eat outside and in the classroom if it was raining.