We understand that parents and other family members may need to visit our school buildings during the school year. The district has made changes to our visitor practices and protocols to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff. 

  • In most cases, if parents are bringing an item to school for their child, they will be asked to leave it inside the secured entrance to the school. Office staff will communicate with parents using the intercom system inside the vestibule.
  • If parents drop off a student after school starts, the parent should remain in the vestibule, and the child will enter the office area and will be brought to class.
  • Parents picking up a child at the elementary or middle school level will enter the office area and current procedures will be followed (the child will be brought to the parent in the office.) If a parent is picking up a child due to a health-related issue, the nurse (or other staff member) wil bring the child to the parent in the office area. 
  • At this time, parent visits related to classroom visits, lunches with students, etc. are not allowed. 
  • Meeting with parents related to an IEP or other meeting with staff will be held in a meeting room space located in the school’s office area.
  • Masks are mandatory and appointments are preferred for all other visitors.

Review the visitor health screening checklist before visiting any school building and call your child’s school office with any questions.