In the news: Radon testing

Recent local media reports have noted the lack of required radon testing in Minnesota schools. There is no state requirement to test for radon in schools. Last year, before there was any attention on this issue, Eastern Carver County Schools’ Buildings & Grounds Department began a thorough testing program. Due to the number of buildings in our school district, Eastern Carver County Schools is on a cycle to test one-third of its facilities each year. Initially, this year, the district tested seven buildings. In fall of 2018, if it is feasible, all remaining facilities will be tested. The district uses an independent contractor for this work, due the laboratory required to analyze results. The testing period is over the fall and winter, when buildings are closed up due to the weather, which provides more accurate results. The testing occurs in many locations, including all classrooms and also spaces that are not as well ventilated. Due to the air exchange rates in our... Continue reading In the news: Radon testing

Summer 2018 Chromebook Information

Will students be able to use the district-issued Chromebook during the summer? Students in grades three through eleven who were issued a Chromebook this year will be allowed to take their Chromebook home for the summer. During that time they will be responsible for taking care of their district-issued device.  If a family does not want their child to have the Chromebook over the summer, the student must return the Chromebook and charger to their school’s media center before leaving for the summer. When school resumes in the fall, the same Chromebook and charger will be returned to the student during the first week of school. Consider a Protection Plan to reduce or eliminate potential fees (chargers are not covered by the protection plan) from accidental loss or damage. During the first or second week of school (each school will provide detailed directions), incoming sixth and ninth grade students will exchange their current Chromebook for a new one. Returning your Chromebook Think... Continue reading Summer 2018 Chromebook Information

District leaders present at National School Boards Association conference

One reason Eastern Carver County Schools work to personalize learning stands apart is because it is a district-wide effort. Every school in the district is working on it, with specific action plans. It is not isolated to one school or a few classrooms. How the district is accomplishing this is the focus of a presentation given by district leaders at the National School Boards Association conference, April 8 in San Antonio, TX. Board Member Lisa Anderson, who is active in state and national school board associations, was invited to present at the national conference, along with Superintendent Clint Christopher and Leaders of Personalized Learning Brian Beresford and Brenda Vogds. They discuss how to bring personalized learning to scale in a large school district. They shared lessons learned along the district’s journey to give students skills and knowledge relevant for the 21st century. District and school leaders regularly share information like this with groups that tour... Continue reading District leaders present at National School Boards Association conference