What’s happening next year with Empower and standards-based learning?

A number of surveys and in-person meetings around standards-based learning have happened this school year (2017-18) with students, teachers and parents. A variety of work has been happening all year, and the result of it will be evident this coming fall. Next school year, expect the following action steps to be completed: Most relevant for parents/guardians are technical improvements to Empower. The student interface will be revamped, and a feature added to give quicker access to assignment feedback and grades. Overall, these adjustments will create a more user-friendly experience. High school principals will work with teachers more closely on the implementation phases for standards-based learning. Some of the teaching and assessment practices required for standards-based learning are different from the way some teachers were trained originally. They need more time to introduce practices in their classrooms that support personalized learning and standards-based learning. This will... Continue reading What’s happening next year with Empower and standards-based learning?

Deferred maintenance: Keeping our schools up-to-date

One of the most significant parts of the 2015 referendum — and the least known — was $7.5 milllion for deferred maintenance. Our schools are exceptionally-maintained and, apart from the architecture, it is difficult to tell that a few of them are nearly 50 years old. On-going maintenance is how we keep buildings looking good and and operating efficiently. Deferred maintenance may not be as exciting as opening a new school. Yet, it is essential to preserve past investments the public has made in Eastern Carver County Schools. Deferred maintenance dollars from the 2015 referendum reached most schools in the district. Here are some of the major repairs and updates. Keep in mind that for every large item on this list, there are a half-dozen smaller items, like carpet repairs in an office or tile repairs to a bathroom. Bluff Creek Elementary: re-roofing Chanhassen Elementary School: re-roofing Clover Ridge Elementary School: pavement repair Chaska High School: re-roofing,... Continue reading Deferred maintenance: Keeping our schools up-to-date

5th graders debate the topics of the day

On Tuesday, May 29, 30 fifth-grade students attended Eastern Carver County Schools’ annual Lincoln-Douglas debates. The students debated in the historic Church by the River in downtown Carver. Guest attorney, Steven Pattee, also offered his time to facilitate a mock trial at Carver Place. Eastern Carver County Schools Debates are coordinated by District 112 Elementary Gifted Services teachers.    ... Continue reading 5th graders debate the topics of the day

Capstone project promotes AED awareness

For their Capstone project, three Chanhassen High School juniors this year helped coaches know where to find life-saving equipment. Matthew Boyum, Ben Gustafson, and John Morley worked with Athletic Director Cullen Bahn to develop a presentation to show coaches locations of all AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) around district athletic facilities. Defibrillators are used to restart someone’s heart in the event of a heart attack by delivering a precise electric shock. The juniors then applied to the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community for a $2,000 grant to purchase an AED for the Eastern Carver County Athletic Center, which opened in December of 2017. The AED, is located at the main entrance of the Athletic Center. Capstone is a graduation requirement in Eastern Carver County Schools, where students must develop a project that engages or benefits the community beyond their school. It is a real-world application of classroom... Continue reading Capstone project promotes AED awareness

In the news: Radon testing

Recent local media reports have noted the lack of required radon testing in Minnesota schools. There is no state requirement to test for radon in schools. Last year, before there was any attention on this issue, Eastern Carver County Schools’ Buildings & Grounds Department began a thorough testing program. Due to the number of buildings in our school district, Eastern Carver County Schools is on a cycle to test one-third of its facilities each year. Initially, this year, the district tested seven buildings. In fall of 2018, if it is feasible, all remaining facilities will be tested. The district uses an independent contractor for this work, due the laboratory required to analyze results. The testing period is over the fall and winter, when buildings are closed up due to the weather, which provides more accurate results. The testing occurs in many locations, including all classrooms and also spaces that are not as well ventilated. Due to the air exchange rates in our... Continue reading In the news: Radon testing