How to enable text messages from Eastern Carver County Schools

Families can change their settings in Infinite Campus to begin receiving text messages. Text and data rates may apply depending on your wireless service provider. Follow these simple steps (illustrations below): Log into Campus Portal Go to Contact Preferences under User Account menu Check the “Text (SMS)” boxes for the phone number(s) on which you want to receive texts We recommend you choose Emergency, General Notification and Priority Notification Save your changes & that’s it! Illustration for step 2: Illustration for steps... read more

Thanking our colleagues with #ECCSGratitude

On Monday and Tuesday, Eastern Carver County Schools employees are encouraged to share expressions of gratitude for their school, their colleagues and the students and families they serve. Recounting the good things we have in life is a proven way to bolster our own happiness. And we can make someone’s day brighter by sharing our positive thoughts about them and their work. The district is running a social media campaign aimed at employees to let them know how much they are appreciated. Employees who use Twitter are encouraged to post their message/image of gratitude with the hashtag #ECCSGratitude. Communications Department staff will curate these messages to broadcast on TV monitors set up in our schools for this purpose. Employees who do not use Twitter can email their message to the Communications Department (include a photo, if you’d like) and staff will post to Twitter on your behalf. Next week, you may see TV monitors in school displaying these messages. The district will... read more

Elementary students sharpen their debate skills

Lincoln-Douglas Debates 2017 CROPOn Wednesday, May 24, 31 fifth-grade students attended the Eastern Carver County Schools’ annual Lincoln-Douglas debates. Students debated in the historic Church By The River in downtown Carver. When they weren’t debating, students spent time exploring Carver on a history walk and participated in a mock trial.  Eastern Carver County Schools debates are coordinated by the district’s elementary Gifted Services teachers. Row 1 (sitting): Ethan, Lucas, Sophie, Halle, Norah, William, Josiah. Row 2: Cassidy, Kenna, Natalie, Natalie, Eva, Hanna, Elise, Zoe. Row 3: Hannah, Marci, Russell, Riley, Sydney, Justine, Conor, Austin Row 4: Lucy, Sophie, Jackson, Paige, Savannah, J.T., Joshua,... read more

Two CMSE students now have National History Day credentials

Chaska Middle School East sent 15 projects to Minnesota’s National History Day competition on April 30. For History Day, students research a topic and develop their research into a presentation. Students then enter their projects into History Day competitions at school, regional, state, and national levels. August Butterworth qualified for National History Day and Sydney Turner is an alternate for Nationals. Butterworth’s presentation was “The 1971 Burglary: Taking a Stand Against Illegal Government Spying” and won second in state. Turner’s presentation was “Maya Angelou: The Serene Stand of the People’s Poet” and also won second place. Evan Violette won the Immigration History Topical Award for the presentation “Maria Altmann: A Symbolic Stand for the Victims of the Holocaust.” Ellen Adams won the Environmental History Topical Prize for “Frida Kahlo: A Feminist Icon.” These two presentations and six others... read more

Construction going strong as 2015 bond projects take shape

Carver Elementary School is under construction in April 2017.Voters approved a bond referendum in 2015 for a few projects including Carver Elementary School, a pool addition at Pioneer Ridge and a multi-purpose facility at Chaska Middle School East. Here are some updates shared with the School Board on April 24: Carver Elementary School is starting to look like a school. It is scheduled to open this fall. A video update of progress this week is courtesy of district parent Eric Kirsling. The steel shell of the building is complete along with the roof. Exterior walls, weather barrier and insulation are about 90 percent complete. Exterior brick and masonry work is underway. The gym floor was poured on Monday. Electrical and plumbing rough-ins and HVAC ducting are nearly complete on the first floor academic wing, and framing is starting. Utility rough-ins on the second floor of the academic wing continue this week. Regarding the multi-purpose facility and pool: Fences will be up around Pioneer Ridge as leveling the ground and digging the hole... read more