District music programs earn high “notes” and recognition

The district recently received two awards for its outstanding music education staff and programs: Eric Songer, Chaska Middle School West Band Director, was named 2019 Music Education Innovator by the Give A Note Foundation. Grant funds support The Next Generation of Music Education, a public school program that opens up the world of chamber ensembles, pop, hip hop, improv and songwriting. E. Carver Co. Schools music programs were named among the “Best Communities for Music Education” by the National Association of Music Merchants... Continue reading District music programs earn high “notes” and recognition

2019-20 Budget Planning Underway

Spring is the time for school districts to develop their budgets for the next school year. These budgets are based on enrollment projections, staff and operating cost increases, academic program plans and assumptions about state funding. Difficult financial decisions are ahead. As we prepare our 2019-20 budget, we know the following: The bulk of the district’s general fund revenue (72%) comes from the state. Because the Minnesota legislative session is not due to end until May 20, we must make assumptions about how much funding we will receive from the state for next year. The combination of unfunded mandates and inadequate state funding has put increasing pressure on our operating budget. We spend $7.4 million dollars annually out of our general budget to cover costs that are not reimbursed from state or federal sources for special education services. If state funding had kept pace with inflation, we would have received more than $6 million in additional funding this year alone. To... Continue reading 2019-20 Budget Planning Underway

United for Student Independence Learning Series – April 15

United for Student Independence Learning Series Monday, April 15, 2019 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Chaska High School Blue House Rooms B150, B153 and B154 Sponsored by Specialized Education Services Register today! Choose to attend up to two of the following sessions: 1)    Proactive Strategies and Meaningful Consequences: Positively Supporting Your Child’s Behavioral Needs at Home        Facilitated by Katie Firman, Psy.S., Behavior Specialist Does your child have verbal or physical outbursts?  Does your child’s behavior seem unpredictable or difficult to manage?  Do you wish you had some tools to handle challenging behaviors?  This session will highlight the Top 7 Strategies for being positive and proactive with your child’s behavior and how to set limits effectively.   You will also learn how to apply meaningful consequences that focus on learning and reflection, restorative practices, and following through with his/her responsibilities. 2)    What is Special in our district Special... Continue reading United for Student Independence Learning Series – April 15

Join the Community Conversation Focused on Equity – April 16

Join us for a Community Conversation focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion in Eastern Carver County Schools. Families, students, district staff, and community members are welcome to attend: Community Conversation on equity, diversity & inclusion Tuesday, April 16  /  6:30-8:00 p.m. Clover Ridge Elementary (114000 Hundertmark Rd, Chaska) Community engagement and dialogue are critical to ensure that equity in our schools is more than just a concept. We must listen better, understand more, and create school environments that respect all backgrounds and beliefs. You’re invited to join the conversation as the district continues to develop a more coordinated commitment to equity. As a district, we still have a lot of work to do in our journey to be more equitable and inclusive. We are committed to this work and believe that it will make us a better school district – a district that has a deeper respect, understanding and appreciation for diversity, and a district that embraces... Continue reading Join the Community Conversation Focused on Equity – April 16