Reality Check: Equity Funding

Rumor: At a recent school board meeting, I heard the district is spending $300/pupil on its equity program. Reality: A statement made by the district finance director during the levy certification report to the school board on September 23rd was not in reference to the district’s equity program, but rather an explanation of a change at the state level in how funding is allocated.  In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature added an additional component to the general education program called location equity. This change was to level the playing field between metro and regional center districts who had referendums and those who did not.  Those school districts who didn’t could access up to $424 per adjusted pupil unit in board-approved revenue.  In Fiscal Year 2016, the legislature expanded this authority to all districts re titled it local optional revenue (LOR). The local optional revenue allowance of $424 per pupil unit is subtracted from any existing school district operating referendum... Continue reading Reality Check: Equity Funding

Race: The Power of Illusion

The award-winning PBS documentary series, RACE: The Power of an Illusion is coming to the Chaska Community Center Auditorium. Join us for one or all of the episodes as we engage with the idea of race and how it came to be. A group discussion will follow each episode. Thurs., Oct. 10: “The Difference Between Us” Examines race in the context of biology. A dozen students from different backgrounds compare their DNA to each how they compare genetically. Thurs., Oct. 24: “The Story We Tell” Takes a look at the history of race. How did ancient peoples categorize “others”? Could race be a more recent invention that ties into the development of the United States? Thurs., Nov. 7: “The House We Live In” Is a look into how policies and institutions in the United States have advantaged some groups at the expense of others. Brought to you by the Chaska Human Rights Commission with support from the City of Chaska and Eastern Carver County Schools... Continue reading Race: The Power of Illusion