District Response to Rumors about Equity and Referendum

Dear Eastern Carver County Schools Community, A video circulated recently containing some strong claims about the district’s investment in equity, and the upcoming referendum.  We wanted a chance to set the record straight. Our mission as a district is simple and straightforward: all learners achieving their personal best.  It is more than a mission, it’s the foundation of the work we do. That means we are responsible for meeting the needs of each one of our students.  That’s the heart of personalized learning and our commitment to each learner as educators. We are not fulfilling that mission as long as the outcomes for groups of students are meaningfully different.  This is not political, or partisan; it’s our legal, moral, and ethical obligation to our students. Equity in Eastern Carver County Schools At Eastern Carver County Schools, equity means that a student’s identity – their race, gender, sexual orientation, class, immigration status, religion, and/or disability –... Continue reading District Response to Rumors about Equity and Referendum

District Letter to Attorney General Ellison

August 26, 2019 Office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison 445 Minnesota Street Suite 1400 St. Paul, MN 55101-2131 Attorney General Ellison: I appreciate the invitation to meet with you. It’s unfortunate we were unable to do so earlier so that we could provide background for the conversation held earlier this week in our community. Our School Board, and our district staff, are committed to an educational environment where all students feel safe, welcome, and included, and have the tools and resources to succeed. We have not yet realized that for every student, and have been working in earnest to move the needle and improve outcomes for every child that walks through our doors. Our district’s investment in building equitable outcomes for all students started with more intention in 2017. Given the incidents in our district over the past year, this work has accelerated. With the hiring of our new director of equity and inclusion in July, our work will now become more consistent... Continue reading District Letter to Attorney General Ellison

Eastern Carver County Schools Board Meeting Open Forum Guidelines

Forty-five minutes is set aside in every regular board meeting to give citizens an opportunity to be heard. Speakers must sign in before the meeting, provide their full address, and acknowledge they agree to abide by the board policy on public participation.  Speaking time is limited to three minutes; priority is given first to district residents. If there is time remaining, non-residents may have the opportunity address the board.  Speakers at the podium will be asked to provide their city of residence before beginning their remarks. This time is not designed to address items concerning specific staff or students.  All speakers are reminded that personal attacks by anyone addressing the school board are unacceptable.  Persistence in such remarks by an individual shall terminate that person’s privilege to address the school board.  During the Open Forum, the School Board will listen but will not try to resolve a concern at the meeting. The issue will be referred to the Superintendent... Continue reading Eastern Carver County Schools Board Meeting Open Forum Guidelines

Indicate Your Interest in Serving on Equity Advisory Council

From people and programs to policies and processes – Eastern Carver County Schools is taking action to improve our work in driving towards an equitable school community. All students and families must feel valued, respected and understood, and this work requires more intentional and proactive strategies around diversity and inclusion. We have recently concluded engagement in more than 50 feedback sessions with a variety of constituents on a draft of our district’s equity vision to define the “what” and the “why” of this work as well as a framework to define the “how.” Equity in Eastern Carver County Schools is our collective responsibility and can only be achieved by mutual accountability. Our district is looking to establish an Equity Advisory Council to provide direction and leadership as well as serve as a lens to Eastern Carver County Schools in implementing change. The council will help develop broad ownership of the work to become a more welcoming, culturally competent... Continue reading Indicate Your Interest in Serving on Equity Advisory Council