National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Named

Two seniors from Chanhassen and Chaska High Schools have been named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists. This achievement puts them among the top high school scholars in the country. To be considered for a Merit Scholarship Award, which are announced in the spring of 2019, the students must fulfill several requirements. Finalists are chosen based on their academic records, participation in school and community activities, demonstrated leadership abilities, and honors and awards received. Rory Bartels, Chaska High School National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Tanner Brady, Chanhassen High School National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist  ... Continue reading National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Named

Encouraging action that makes a positive impact with #StartTheRipple

My band instructor and CC coach each had a tremendous impact on me during my high school years. They gave me the encouragement and support to reach beyond what I thought I was capable. #StartTheRipple Jeff Lenzmeier Art Teacher, Clover Ridge Elementary This week, Eastern Carver County Schools employees were asked to share messages on Twitter using #StartTheRipple to encourage actions in the 2018-19 school year that make a positive impact on students. Messages were shared about plans to make an impact in students lives as well as about people who made an impact in their own lives. By the time a wave hits the shore, you don’t always know the pebble that started the ripple. Schools have the opportunity to influence students every single day – that is why it is so important that Eastern Carver County Schools staff uses their power for good. Supt. Christopher acknowledged the amazing Deborah Norland this morning as he welcomed back the staff of ECCS. She made a difference for him and did... Continue reading Encouraging action that makes a positive impact with #StartTheRipple

6 Back-to-School Tips

It seems that every year, we soak up summer after Minnesota’s long winters, and before you know it, it’s back to school. Here are some tips to start the school year strong: 1. Stick to a routine Habits are behaviors wired so deeply in our brains that we perform them automatically. MIT neuroscientists have found that a small region in our brain’s prefrontal cortex called basal ganglia plays a key role in our habit-making. Choose a routine, and stick with it; it is said you have to do something for 21 days to form that behavior into a habit. 2. Get a good night’s sleep Routine building is not possible without a good night’s sleep. Not only is it important to be rested while learning, but you should know that it’s equally important to get a good night’s sleep the night after a long day of learning (or habit-making). Studies show that when we sleep, our brains re-process and consolidate what happened the previous day. Sleep plays an indispensable role in learning. 3. Do not multi-task In... Continue reading 6 Back-to-School Tips

Reminders – get your school supplies, sync calendar, and more

The four communities of our school district continue to grow. More than 9,600 students will soon fill the halls of Eastern Carver County Schools. A few reminders as you prepare for school: 1. Get your school supplies! Click on your school for a school supply list: Bluff Creek Elementary Chanhassen Elementary Carver Elementary East Union Elementary Jonathan Elementary La Academia/Kinder Academy Victoria Elementary 2. Mark your calendar with your school’s open house Click here for a list of each school’s back-to-school events. Your school will be in touch with further information. 3. Check portal for your bus information. Final bus schedules are posted on Campus Portal under the reports tab. Click here for information about our transportation department. Also, download MyStop, an app with your bus’s GPS location and ETA, updated every 1-2 minutes. 4. Sync your school’s calendar with your personal calendar. Watch this how-to to subscribe to our calendars or print the 2018-19 school... Continue reading Reminders – get your school supplies, sync calendar, and more

Installation of solar panels & energy education at Clover Ridge Elementary

Clover Ridge Elementary was recently granted the gift of solar panels by Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) through a program that aims to educate students first-hand about energy production and how sunlight is converted into electricity. The power generated will benefit the building by helping run lights and other electrical elements. Fourth- and fifth-grade students will experience the greatest benefit through curriculum and lesson plans, provided by MMPA, surrounding power generation, renewable energy and energy conservation. Project costs associated with the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the solar installation are covered by the grant. Construction will be complete in time for the start of the 2018-19 school year. How will the solar panels generate electricity at Clover Ridge... Continue reading Installation of solar panels & energy education at Clover Ridge Elementary