Planting Seeds for Life-Long Learning: School Gardens

School gardens throughout the district are thriving, thanks to the dedication of students, families, school PTOs, staff, local businesses, and Carver County Master Gardeners. These gardens are a source of learning for students throughout the summer and into the school year. Teachers from a variety of studies, including science, social studies, math/engineering, etc., often creatively incorporate their school garden into Standards-Based lesson plans to learn about topics such as life-cycle, germination, the history of the land, and more. Not only do students enjoy the school gardens and have fun taking care of them, but they also walk away with a strong sense of community and environmental stewardship. This sustainable model makes for great learning opportunities. Learn about the school gardens in our district: Bluff Creek Elementary Students planted the first seeds in this garden four years ago with the goal of establishing an outdoor focal point for learning. At the start of the... Continue reading Planting Seeds for Life-Long Learning: School Gardens

SW Metro Chamber of Commerce Meet & Greet at Pioneer Ridge Pool

We hosted Southwest Metro Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meet and greet at the new Pioneer Ridge Middle School pool, June 19. The school district is a member of the chamber and Superintendent Clint Christopher currently serves on its board of directors. A number of our high school students have business mentors through a program coordinated by the chamber. It was a hot and humid morning in the pool, but that didn’t stop good conversations and... Continue reading SW Metro Chamber of Commerce Meet & Greet at Pioneer Ridge Pool

District 112 Foundation Teacher Grants & WiFi Hotspot Additions

District 112 Foundation has awarded three fully funded teacher grants. This was made possible by a $3,500 grant from Charter Bank to the District 112 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to support excellence and innovation in Eastern Carver County Schools. Thank you, Charter Bank, for enabling District 112 Foundation to support the following grants: Coding to Fly Drones: This grant enables the implementation of what used to be a pilot program to give all 5th grade students the opportunity to learn how to code to fly drones to generate student interest in coding. ​See a video of this project in action! Learning a New Language Through Light Reading: ​This grant gives students studying Spanish at Pioneer Ridge Middle School voice and choice through developing an in-classroom Spanish language magazine library. Magazines, as a form of light literature, appeal to a variety of student interests and proficiency levels. Photography Portrait Studio: This grant provides Chaska... Continue reading District 112 Foundation Teacher Grants & WiFi Hotspot Additions

1,000-plus more students coming to E. Carver Co. Schools

Enrollment in E. Carver Co. Schools is expected to grow by more than 1,000 students in the next five years, according to a study by Davis Demographics. The School Board reviewed the study on Monday. Davis does demographic work in 44 states for K-12 school districts. Our district’s growth is driven by housing developments on the west side of the school district, primarily in Victoria and Carver. Single-family detached homes generate the most school-aged children and that is the majority of development. The district will monitor housing developments and continue to update its enrollment projections. This coming fall, district staff estimate a student population of 9,785, a one-year increase of about 175. The School Board will use the demographic study and a facility study to convene a task force that develops planning options for the district’s... Continue reading 1,000-plus more students coming to E. Carver Co. Schools

2018 Parent/Guardian survey results

Results of Eastern Carver County School’s parent/guardian survey indicates strong satisfaction with the school district. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they were happy with the school district. This result is the same as the 2016 survey. Every other year, the district sends a survey via email to 3,000 parents/guardians selected at random. Typical response rate is about 30 percent. This year 955 individuals responded, and of those respondents, 83 percent completed all survey questions. The district conducts this survey as one way to monitor on-going satisfaction with the district. This survey helps track key indicators, but it is not considered a scientifically-valid study.  The sample of parents/guardians is not designed to accurately mirror the district population and nonresponse bias is likely with an email survey. Eastern Carver County Schools conducts a scientific survey in alternating years with this email survey. The results and written comments from this survey... Continue reading 2018 Parent/Guardian survey results