FAQ on District Growth and Funding Needs

To address continued enrollment growth, budget pressures and student academic needs, Eastern Carver County Schools has been working hard to ensure it has the spaces, funding and tools it needs to continue to provide exceptional, personalized learning to its students. This work has included a Facilities Task Force, ongoing budget analysis, School Board work sessions, input sessions and community surveys to help identify priority projects and the funding needed. This work will continue over the next several months, with a request for local funding support on the November 2019 ballot. Learn more about this work and the district’s growth and funding needs on this comprehensive website, which includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please send them to 112feedback@district112.org. We are projected to grow by more than 1,400 students in five years, with nearly two-thirds of those students at the elementary level. If state funding had kept pace with... Continue reading FAQ on District Growth and Funding Needs

2019 Teacher of the Year Finalists Named by District 112 Foundation

The 2019 Teacher of the Year will be named at an awards banquet, Sunday, April 28, 4 p.m., at Oak Ridge Conference Center. The District 112 Foundation has announced five finalists for Eastern Carver County Schools’ 2019 Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to: Bill Gilness – Chaska Middle School West Nina Kirkman – Pioneer Ridge Middle School Mary Mobeck – Carver Elementary School Virginia Jackson – Chanhassen Elementary Justin Newman – Chaska Middle School East CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE BANQUET TICKETS Past Teacher of the Year award recipients include:  Anna Edlund (’18), Jake Jauert (’17), Edie Stearns (’16), Tim Beckler (’15), Candice Galipo (’14), Bob Downs (’13), Michele Schnaare (’12), Sara Rother (’11), Mary Perrine (’10), Julie Myhr (’09), Arlene Borner (’08), and Eric Songer (’07). The Teacher of the Year will receive a $3,000 grant for use in their schools and finalists will receive a $500 grant through Teacher of the Year sponsors The Chaska... Continue reading 2019 Teacher of the Year Finalists Named by District 112 Foundation

Board Chair Klein Opening Statement – March 18 Board Meeting

First of all, the board realizes we have several individuals who want to speak during open forum tonight. Our process for open forum does not allow for board comments or reaction to any points made by speakers. This time is designated exclusively for public comments. The board’s job during open forum is to listen. If helpful, we plan to follow up with speakers to answer questions or clarify facts in the days after tonight’s open forum. The Board has heard the voices raised at recent meetings through other channels. While the district was already engaged in a process to address diversity, equity and inclusion, it has become clear that more needs to be done. Fundamentally, the Board understands the importance of our schools embracing and welcoming students and families regardless of race, religion, gender or culture. We are all Eastern Carver County Schools and it is critical that every student feels included, respected and cared for. The board sees this work as critically important... Continue reading Board Chair Klein Opening Statement – March 18 Board Meeting

Superintendent Christopher’s Remarks at Conclusion of March 18 Board Meeting

The racially charged incidents that have recently surfaced in some of our schools has prompted me to reiterate what Eastern Carver County Schools stands for. We are a caring, compassionate school community that embraces diversity and inclusivity. We will not be defined or labeled by unacceptable incidents. Inappropriate, disrespectful behavior does not represent the hearts and minds of our school community. It will not be accepted in any of our schools. At Eastern Carver County Schools, it’s our priority that all of our students and families believe that we see them, value them and listen to their unique voices. We must listen better, understand more and create school environments that respect all backgrounds and beliefs. Our district is moving with a sense of urgency to ensure that diversity and equity are more than thoughts and concepts. It’s important to stress that equity is not another program or initiative. Equity is ensuring equal access to educational opportunities. This work... Continue reading Superintendent Christopher’s Remarks at Conclusion of March 18 Board Meeting

Chanhassen High School Student Named 2019 Coca-Cola Scholar

Shea Kerry, a senior at Chanhassen High School has been recognized as one of the country’s most outstanding high school leaders by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and has been awarded a $20,000 college scholarship. Shea is one of 150 high school seniors were selected from an initial pool of 95,715 applications from across the country based on their academic excellence, leadership, and service demonstrated in school and community activities as part of a 3-stage selection process. See the full list of those selected.... Continue reading Chanhassen High School Student Named 2019 Coca-Cola Scholar