District 112 Foundation 1st ever annual campaign

Each year, the District 112 Foundation awards grants to individual teachers and classrooms, and it sponsors the Teacher of The Year program. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to support excellence and innovation in Eastern Carver County Schools. Where there are gaps for which the school district cannot provide, the District 112 Foundation is there. But more could be done. This year, to expand and enhance to reach of the foundation, all residents will receive a mailing in November from the foundation asking for a charitable gift. Gifts to the foundation support services and programs for your neighborhood students, teachers and classrooms. When considering the District 112 Foundation in your charitable giving plan, remember it is separate from the school district with independent leadership and management. Lear more about the Foundation HERE. read more

National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Named

Five seniors from Chanhassen and Chaska High Schools have been named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists. This achievement puts them among the top high school scholars in the country. To be considered for a Merit Scholarship Award, which are announced in the spring of 2018, the students must fulfill several requirements. Finalists are chosen based on their academic records, participation in school and community activities, demonstrated leadership abilities, and honors and awards received. Chaska High School National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists:  Kayla Lyman and Austin Wu. Chanhassen High School National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists: (left to right) Katelyn Lydeen, Matthew Reich and Nathan... read more

Alexander Hamilton exhibit at Chaska Middle School East

The critically acclaimed musical, “Hamilton” captured the imaginations of Americans, young and old. Now, Chaska Middle School East is offering students and parents a chance to learn more about the life of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his contributions during the American Revolution and beyond. Chaska Middle School East will host The Gilder Lehrman: Institute of American History exhibit entitled “Alexander Hamilton: Immigrant, Patriot, Visionary” in the media center. We are fortunate to be chosen as one of the few locations to host this national exhibition. The exhibit features reproductions of photos, letters, maps, notes, and more from the Gilder Lehrman Collection and the Library of the New-York Historical Society. It is expected that over 1200 students will take this opportunity to experience a part of American history and learn about the statesman and visionary, Alexander Hamilton, whose life shaped the America we live in today.... read more

Internet monitoring report now available to families

As part of our commitment to ensuring safe and effective use of technology, parents/guardians can now view a report of all web traffic on their student’s Chromebook. Look for an email summary report from support@securly.com on Wednesday nights. Or you may also logon to the Securly web portal anytime using your email address. Look for a link in the email from Securly to complete your enrollment. Eastern Carver County Schools monitors all internet access from any device that connects to our network at school. This includes personal devices, however, the district cannot and does not monitor personal devices outside of school. There is no report available for a personal device used at school, only for district-provided Chromebooks. In the Securly web portal you have the option to permit/restrict Internet access when your student’s Chromebook is away from school. You have the option to block additional categories of websites along with specific sites. You are not able to... read more

New this year! Improved Chromebook Insurance

Eastern Carver County Schools offers a damage waiver Protection Plan to defray the cost of replacement or repair of district Chromebooks. This is plan is an optional purchase. It covers accidental damage, liquid damage, fire, flood, theft, natural disaster and power surge due to lightning. Theft is covered with a police report. Without protection, families are responsible for the full cost of Chromebook repairs or replacement. Starting this school year, the Protection Plan covers three incidents of repairs or replacement. The cost is $25 for coverage from the date of purchase through the summer of 2018. This protection must be purchased prior to any incident of damage, loss, or theft of the Chromebook for 2017-18 school year. For families that have more than one Chromebook, a maximum of $50 will be charged to cover the multiple devices (Families with more than one Chromebook should go online and sign up for two insurance purchases. For each additional child, contact the tech... read more

Carver El. Community Open House – Sept. 30

After one year and three weeks of construction, Carver Elementary School opened on Sept. 5. Our community generously supported a bond referendum in 2015 for a school that is needed to serve a growing population. Carver Elementary was projected to open with 594 students and now has 648. Members of the public are invited to visit Carver Elementary for an open house: Saturday, Sept. 30 10 a.m. to Noon Carver Elementary School 1717 Ironwood Dr., Carver   read more