District Equity and Inclusion Updates

At the May 6 work session, staff updated the board on ongoing work around the district’s equity and inclusion initiatives. The updated District Equity Vision and Framework arrived late last week, and will now be reviewed by multiple audiences. Those include the District Leadership Team, which includes building administrators and the superintendent’s cabinet, the district building leadership Intercultural Harmony Group, the district Equity Leadership Team, and the new Equity Advisory Council. Khalifa, who is conducting the district equity audit, will be at the May 20th school board meeting. The purpose of the equity audit is to identify and highlights the causes of the achievement gaps, discipline gaps, and other inequities within our district. It will enable us to understand how to improve instruction, curriculum, and school climate for all students in our district, especially those that are traditionally underserved. The district equity and inclusion position has been reposted and... Continue reading District Equity and Inclusion Updates

Strengthening Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Superintendent Clint Christopher opened up Monday night’s board meeting with the following: “Right now we have students in our schools who don’t feel safe. I take that very personally. It’s not acceptable. Every student’s lived experience must be that they feel safe, that they are seen, and that they are heard and valued. Every student… Our students need to see a difference and feel a change in their daily lived experience. So do you. We can do better. We must.” Christopher’s remarks preceded an extended Open Forum during which many community members voiced their anger, hurt, frustration, and concern over racial incidents in the district. During the board meeting, Asst. Superintendent Amy LaDue provided an update on ongoing work on equity and inclusion within the district, which includes the following: A draft of the district’s Equity Action Framework will be completed on May 3rd. Over 50 feedback sessions were held to shape and inform the equity vision to define the “what” and the... Continue reading Strengthening Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Indicate Your Interest in Serving on Equity Advisory Council

From people and programs to policies and processes – Eastern Carver County Schools is taking action to improve our work in driving towards an equitable school community. All students and families must feel valued, respected and understood, and this work requires more intentional and proactive strategies around diversity and inclusion. We have recently concluded engagement in more than 50 feedback sessions with a variety of constituents on a draft of our district’s equity vision to define the “what” and the “why” of this work as well as a framework to define the “how.” Equity in Eastern Carver County Schools is our collective responsibility and can only be achieved by mutual accountability. Our district is looking to establish an Equity Advisory Council to provide direction and leadership as well as serve as a lens to Eastern Carver County Schools in implementing change. The council will help develop broad ownership of the work to become a more welcoming, culturally competent... Continue reading Indicate Your Interest in Serving on Equity Advisory Council

Join the Community Conversation Focused on Equity – April 16

Join us for a Community Conversation focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion in Eastern Carver County Schools. Families, students, district staff, and community members are welcome to attend: Community Conversation on equity, diversity & inclusion Tuesday, April 16  /  6:30-8:00 p.m. Clover Ridge Elementary (114000 Hundertmark Rd, Chaska) Community engagement and dialogue are critical to ensure that equity in our schools is more than just a concept. We must listen better, understand more, and create school environments that respect all backgrounds and beliefs. You’re invited to join the conversation as the district continues to develop a more coordinated commitment to equity. As a district, we still have a lot of work to do in our journey to be more equitable and inclusive. We are committed to this work and believe that it will make us a better school district – a district that has a deeper respect, understanding and appreciation for diversity, and a district that embraces... Continue reading Join the Community Conversation Focused on Equity – April 16