Race: The Power of Illusion

The award-winning PBS documentary series, RACE: The Power of an Illusion is coming to the Chaska Community Center Auditorium. Join us for one or all of the episodes as we engage with the idea of race and how it came to be. A group discussion will follow each episode. Thurs., Oct. 10: “The Difference Between Us” Examines race in the context of biology. A dozen students from different backgrounds compare their DNA to each how they compare genetically. Thurs., Oct. 24: “The Story We Tell” Takes a look at the history of race. How did ancient peoples categorize “others”? Could race be a more recent invention that ties into the development of the United States? Thurs., Nov. 7: “The House We Live In” Is a look into how policies and institutions in the United States have advantaged some groups at the expense of others. Brought to you by the Chaska Human Rights Commission with support from the City of Chaska and Eastern Carver County Schools... Continue reading Race: The Power of Illusion

District receives summary report of Equity Audit

At its September 9 meeting, the School Board heard from Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, who conducted an equity audit of the school district. Dr. Khalifa presented his summary report, which identified eight focus areas. The report includes recommendations for curricular and professional development, as well as strategies to increase student and community engagement. Next up for the district is the development of our equity action plan. Over the past year, the district has held over 50 focus groups throughout the community to develop an equity definition, vision, and beliefs. As part of that process, focus group attendees also identified those areas of work they thought needed attention. The district will now take all of that information, and consider that, with the audit, and all of our academic and behavioral data, as that action plan is formulated. A preliminary plan and short-term strategies will be ready over the fall, with a final plan in place over the winter. In the meantime, we are... Continue reading District receives summary report of Equity Audit

Community Conversation Submitted Questions

On July 22nd, members of the Eastern Carver County School District community gathered for a community conversation on the district’s work on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  As part of that evening, the superintendent’s cabinet answered questions from those in attendance. Time constraints prevented answering all the questions in real-time; linked here are answers to all submitted questions from the... Continue reading Community Conversation Submitted Questions

District’s commitment to equity remains strong

Join us for continued community conversation about this important topic on Monday, July 22, 6:30 – 8 p.m. at Carver Elementary School.  Our mission as a district is simple and straightforward: all learners achieving their personal best. That means we are responsible for meeting the needs of all of our students, and making sure they have the tools, resources, and education they need to be successful. We are not fulfilling that mission as long as the outcomes for groups of students are meaningfully different.  Minnesota has some of the largest achievement gaps in the country. The Minnesota Department of Education is leading the charge statewide for educational excellence and equity; every day for everyone. Both state and federal law directs districts like ours to close racial and economic achievement gaps between students. Addressing these disparities isn’t just something we should be doing, it’s something we must do.  These gaps are evident in our district. For example: As a... Continue reading District’s commitment to equity remains strong

July 22: A Community Conversation on Equity and Eastern Carver County Schools

Join Superintendent Clint Christopher and other district leadership at Carver Elementary School for continued conversation about the work being done within Eastern Carver County Schools to create school environments where every child feels welcome, safe, and included. District updates on equity, diversity, and inclusion work will be provided, and attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Keith Brooks, our new Director of Equity and Inclusion. Join us to learn about the work, ask questions, and talk about what this means for our community. Parents, students, and community members are welcome to attend. Monday, July 22nd 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Carver Elementary School, 1717 Ironwood Drive,... Continue reading July 22: A Community Conversation on Equity and Eastern Carver County Schools

E. Carver Co. Schools Responds to Petition

Eastern Carver County Schools is committed to being a school district where every student feels safe, welcome, and valued, and has access to the tools and resources they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond. Our work to develop and support equity, inclusion, and diversity in every building in our district is foundational to that success. This is the right work to be doing, and we will continue to invest in making our district stronger for the benefit of all of our students. With regard to the parent petition circulating: Measurable Accountability to Concerns Equity updates are now a recurring item on the board agenda and a chance to track and report out progress as well as be held accountable in a public setting for that work. Information provided in those updates, as well as additional information about the work being done around equity and inclusion, is housed on the district’s equity webpage. As work with the Vision and Framework proceeds, associated action plans,... Continue reading E. Carver Co. Schools Responds to Petition