Teaching and Learning Evaluation Results

At Monday night’s board work session, Asst. Superintendent Amy LaDue and her Teaching and Learning team provided an update on recent parent, student, and staff surveys and focus groups around personalized learning, standards-based learning, standards-based grading, and Empower. This has been an ongoing evaluation process as the Teaching and Learning team has continued to evaluate the performance of the tools that support the district’s work in personalized learning. The results of the most recent feedback loop, which included parent, staff, and student surveys as well as staff and student focus groups – and analysis by an outside, independent consultant – are clear.  There is strong support among all groups for personalized learning.  The parent survey also showed a gap between what families value about personalized learning and the student experience. The feedback loop also showed ongoing concern with Empower and practices related to standards-based grading. Despite efforts... Continue reading Teaching and Learning Evaluation Results

Learn more about Empower Oct. 10 & 15

Get a virtual introduction to Empower, an online tool for tracking student learning! Eastern Carver County Schools staff invites you to a webinar to learn more about the basics of Empower and understanding how learning is reported. Members of the district’s Teaching & Learning Department will walk you through Empower and answer your questions. This is an optional, free, online meeting. Attend at your convenience. We want to make sure you are ready to review information in Empower as you attend teacher conferences this month. A number of updates to Empower have been made this year, in response to feedback from teachers, parents/guardians and students. Join us at one of these two dates: Wednesday, Oct. 10 6:00 to 6:45 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15 12:15 to 1:00 p.m. The webinar is hosted by Zoom and you can join via desktop web browser or with an app on your iOS or Android phone. Get the free software or browser plug-in you need from... Continue reading Learn more about Empower Oct. 10 & 15

Planting Seeds for Life-Long Learning: School Gardens

School gardens throughout the district are thriving, thanks to the dedication of students, families, school PTOs, staff, local businesses, and Carver County Master Gardeners. These gardens are a source of learning for students throughout the summer and into the school year. Teachers from a variety of studies, including science, social studies, math/engineering, etc., often creatively incorporate their school garden into Standards-Based lesson plans to learn about topics such as life-cycle, germination, the history of the land, and more. Not only do students enjoy the school gardens and have fun taking care of them, but they also walk away with a strong sense of community and environmental stewardship. This sustainable model makes for great learning opportunities. Learn about the school gardens in our district: Bluff Creek Elementary Students planted the first seeds in this garden four years ago with the goal of establishing an outdoor focal point for learning. At the start of the... Continue reading Planting Seeds for Life-Long Learning: School Gardens

What’s happening next year with Empower and standards-based learning?

A number of surveys and in-person meetings around standards-based learning have happened this school year (2017-18) with students, teachers and parents. A variety of work has been happening all year, and the result of it will be evident this coming fall. Next school year, expect the following action steps to be completed: Most relevant for parents/guardians are technical improvements to Empower. The student interface will be revamped, and a feature added to give quicker access to assignment feedback and grades. Overall, these adjustments will create a more user-friendly experience. High school principals will work with teachers more closely on the implementation phases for standards-based learning. Some of the teaching and assessment practices required for standards-based learning are different from the way some teachers were trained originally. They need more time to introduce practices in their classrooms that support personalized learning and standards-based learning. This will... Continue reading What’s happening next year with Empower and standards-based learning?