Migrate your Eastern Carver County Google Account to a Personal Google Account

Students use their Eastern Carver County Schools Google Suite for Education account to produce a lot of great work that shows their learning. When a student graduates or leaves the Eastern Carver County Schools they may want to take that work with them. Below you will find information on how you can get your files archived and downloaded for safe keeping through Google Takeout. Because files are copied, they will NOT be deleted from your school (@isd112.org) Google account, so it’s safe to do this process anytime.

How to use Google Takeout for Exporting Most of your Google Account

  1. Organize your folders and remove any files that you do not want to download (Note: “Shared with Me” files that have NOT been “Added to Drive” will not be archived for downloading).
  2. Visit Google Takeout and login with your Eastern Carver County Schools Google Account (@isd112.org).
  3. Select the Google Apps and Services you want to download your data and documents from and select the option to receive the file as a download via email (If you have a large number of files, it will take some time to copy).
  4. Once the Google Takeout email arrives, use the links to download your archived data and documents.
  5. Download the archive (there may be more than one archive for large amounts of data) and save them to your personal computer, external hard drive, or other location.
  6. You can “unzip” the archives and then upload the data and documents to a new personal Google Account or use the files and document in Microsoft Office or other applications.

Need More Help? Visit Google’s download your data page.  Want to transfer only your Google Drive Files to a personal Google Account, try Google Takeout Transfer (video tutorial).