In 2013 & 2015, voters approved more support for their growing school district.

See how the funds have been used:

Carver Elementary School

Safety & Security Improvements

Classroom Additions

Deferred Maintenance

Classroom Technology

Pool at Pioneer Ridge Middle School

Athletic Center


of each dollar goes to classrooms, instruction & support of students

74¢ - Instruction & Instructional Support

Regular classroom instruction, vocational instruction, special education, media services, curriculum, activities, technology, assistant principals, etc.

9.3¢ - Pupil Support

Transportation, health services, counseling, social workers, etc.

10¢ - Operations & Fixed Costs

Utilities, custodians, insurance, etc.

3.7¢ - District & School Administration

Principals, district administrators, school board, etc.

3¢ - District Support

Payroll, accounting, human resources, communications, etc.

2011 > 2012 > 2013 > 2014 > 2015 > 2016 > 2017

The district has been awarded 7 consecutive awards for excellent, comprehensive financial reporting by the Association of School Business Officials. These honors reflect the district’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in budgeting and accounting.

View the 2017-18 budget document

Funding per tax payer decreasing as enrollment increases

This is an estimate of the school district tax rate for various home values. Our district taxes are the lowest they’ve been in five years even as our community continues to grow. Read more about our future growth.

Carver Elementary

After one year and three weeks of construction, Carver Elementary School opened on Sept. 5. Our community generously supported a bond referendum in 2015 for a school that is needed to serve a growing population. Carver Elementary was projected to open with 594 students and now has 648. The new school is located near the intersection of Hwy 212 and Jonathan Carver Pkwy. in Carver. Carver Elementary is built for a 720-student capacity with the option of future expansion for up to 865 students. The two-story building includes 30 traditional classrooms designed around collaborative learning spaces. It has two full-size gymnasiums and a large cafeteria to accommodate future growth. The property shares a sports field and walking paths with the City of Carver. The estimated total cost for building the new elementary school is $33.21 million. Get a look inside Carver Elementary


Safety & Security Improvements

In the span of a few months in 2014, all of our schools were equipped with secured entrances and a visitor management system. Security cameras were updated and added throughout the district. In total, the public provided $1.8 million in capital projects funding. All of this was possible because of the 2013 capital projects referendum. We review safety and security matters district-wide on a monthly basis, and sometimes more often, to ensure schools use the best and most current safety practices.

School facilities with new secured entrances

Classroom Additions

Clover Ridge and Victoria Elementary schools were originally designed to accommodate expansions. As part of the 2015 referendum, the district needed that space to serve our growing communities. Each school received an additional six classrooms and the lunch rooms were expanded. The added spaces were complete in early 2017 at a cost of $3.9 million per school.

Deferred Maintenance

One of the most significant parts of the 2015 referendum — but the least well-known — was $7 milllion for deferred maintenance. Our schools are exceptionally-maintained and it is difficult to tell that a few of them are nearly 50 years old. Deferred maintenance may not be as exciting as opening a new school, yet, it is essential to preserve past investments the public has made in Eastern Carver County Schools. View a list of major projects completed so far with 2015 deferred maintenance funding.

Classroom Technology

The largest portion of the 2013 capital projects referendum was to upgrade technology in schools. Most people recognized this with Chromebook computers used by students in grades three through 11. But Eastern Carver County Schools has spent almost as much per year on its technology infrastructure. These improvements happen behind the walls with upgrades to server technology, wireless switches and Wi-Fi access points. By keeping the technology running, there’s less waste of classroom time. In addition, this funding allowed for more training of teachers on using the technology effectively. The six-year, 2013 referendum funding provides $2.45 million for security and technology.

Chromebooks issued to students

Pool at Pioneer Ridge Middle School

The new pool is located at Pioneer Ridge Middle School. The pool itself is 75 feet long, 61 feet wide with 8 lanes and a separate diving well. Construction began in the spring of 2017 and was complete in May at a cost of $10.4 million. The pool has seating for up to 500 spectators, making it a great competition venue.

Spectator occupancy

Eastern Carver County Athletic Center

The Eastern Carver County Athletic Center was completed in December at a cost of about $6 million. Students from Chaska Middle School East utilize this new space for physical education during school hours. Outside groups including E. Carver Co. Schools Community Education, district athletic teams, and approximately 10 other local sports groups and organizations rent the facility throughout the year. Reservations can be made year round to use the turf, however, the facility will only be covered by the dome from approximately November through April each year. For more information about facility availability – click here.

  • 230 ft x 450 ft
  • Size allows for 3 field areas of approximately 130 ft by 190 feet each
  • 103,500 total sq. ft.

Square feet