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Eastern Carver County Schools provides a full continuum of special education and related services depending on each student’s unique special education needs and the goals determined by the student’s Individual Education Planning (IEP) team. Services are provided in the least restrictive learning environment which is appropriate for the individual student. Brief descriptions are listed below.


Resource Programs

This model of service provides added special education support to students and is available in all Eastern Carver County Schools. Students flex out of the general education classroom for individual or small group support specific to individual goal areas. Resource special education staff may provide direct, indirect, team teaching or other specialized support depending on student need. Students may access resource supports a minimal amount of time to over half of their school day depending upon need.

Team Teaching or Co-Teaching

This model of service provides extra support in the general education classroom. Two teachers (one general education and one special education) share the teaching responsibilities for their class. The special education teacher provides accommodations and individual support or services to facilitate the success of all students.

Center-Based Programs


Direct Services

Special Education or related services provided directly to the student by special educators. Service can occur in a variety of settings including the general education classroom, resource room, center-based classroom or a combination.

Indirect Services

Special education or related services which pertain to the student but are not directly provided to him/her including: ongoing progress reviews, cooperative planning, consultation, demonstration teaching, modifications and adaptations of the environment, curriculum, materials or equipment, and monitoring and observing the student. Indirect services may be provided by a special education teacher or related services professional.

Related Services

Related services are a broad array of services that assist a student with a disability to benefit from their program of specialized instruction. Related service includes, but is not limited to: speech-language services, pathology and audiology services, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility, physical therapy, interpreting services, psychological services, social work services, school nurse services, special transportation, etc. While many of these services appear similar to or have the same title as medical and/or mental health services that may be provided in a clinic or hospital, there are significant differences between a related service provided by the schools and the services that may be provided by another agency. The purpose of a related service is to facilitate the student’s access to and allow them to benefit from their program of specialized instruction. To clarify, if a student can access and benefit from the specialized instruction (i.e., meet their IEP goals) without a particular procedure or therapy, then it does not qualify as a related service. It is, therefore, possible that a particular intervention or therapy may be medically necessary, but may not be needed within the schools in order for the student to access and benefit from their specialized instruction. In situations where a student needs service from both the medical community and the schools, it is important that the school and outside provider communicate to insure services are coordinated and supportive of one another.

Out of District Services

On some occasions, student needs surpass what the district can offer. In this event, our district contracts with programs outside of Eastern Carver County Schools on a case-by-case basis.

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