Why choose E. Carver Co. Schools?

Eastern Carver County Schools is a school district leading personalized learning. This sounds like a buzz-word, but it is not. Personalized learning has specific, defined elements that we are putting in place across the district. Instead of passive learning where students “sit and get,” students play an active role in shaping their learning, guided by knowledgeable, caring teachers.

Parents rate our schools highly

Statistics are from a 2017 scientifically-valid, random sample parent survey

99% Recommend Eastern Carver County Schools to Friends
96% Feel the quality of education is excellent or good

Benefits to our students start in preschool & go beyond graduation

Eastern Carver County Schools students learn at their own pace — it’s part of personalized learning. Students can easily work above grade level in reading and math, and in a few cases some students have gone to a middle school or high school for what they need. In middle school, students can start earning credit for high school. In high school, students are prepared for what comes next, whether it’s 2-year college, 4-year university, military service or a vocation.

We’re part of a growing, diverse community – we’d love to meet your family