Empower is the learning management system that is being rolled out in select classrooms throughout Eastern Carver County Schools. Empower offers several advantages over traditional gradebook reporting. It is based on academic standards so students and parents can see exactly what a student has learned and what’s next. Empower will be used in real-time resulting in fewer delays in updates. Reports are simplified so that students and parents/guardians will know clearly what’s required for a student’s learning. Empower allows students to store evidence of their learning and for teachers review it and comment. Students and parents can see the work that reached a particular level of learning and they will know what’s next to learn or what needs to be reviewed. Empower will be used in nearly 200 classrooms across the district and at all grade levels in 2017-18.


Questions? Email us at: empower@district112.org

Why Standards-Based Learning?

Standards-based learning calls for a clear identification of what students should know and be able to do. Increased clarity in terms of student learning quite naturally calls for increased accuracy for instruction, assessment, grading, and record-keeping. Standards-based learning focuses on measuring students’ progress of learning on a specific set of standards. These standards are shared with students at the outset of the course, and are broken down into specific learning targets that lay out the path to learning the standard. Students are able to clearly identify “where they are” in their progress to mastering a standard.

Student awareness of the learning progression helps the student set goals and “own” the learning journey. Teachers and students collaborate along the continuum of learning to reach successful, personalized outcomes. Standards-based practices help teachers determine what and how well students have learned, and serve as a vehicle for providing feedback about student learning to students and parents. The goal of a standards-based approach is to clearly communicate to students and parents what is expected of the students and to help them be successful in their educational journey.

Learn more about standards-based learning HERE

How to View Empower Grade Report
  • Select student from the drop-down menu at the top of the page
  • “Reporting Period” will show current semester. You can toggle back to the previous grading period.
  • Course titles will be listed with “Current In Progress” score in a box at left.
  • The grade is converted from the course score and is listed under the course title. The grading scale is in the column to the right.
  • Alerts for missing assignments are indicated with a clock/document icon.
Grade Calculation

Grading is based on multiple factors, which will vary based on each class. Broadly, grades are based on learning target scores, feedback on assignments, demonstrations of learning, homework, presentations, report or other course work.

A course or subject area will have multiple power standards, and each power standard has learning targets. The power standards and learning targets help students know exactly what they are supposed to learn. Learning target scores roll up into a power standard score which roll up into the course grade. The grading scale in Empower shows how a learning target score is converted into a grade.