Empower is a learning management system used in select classrooms throughout Eastern Carver County Elementary Schools. Empower is a tool for reporting a student’s progress learning academic standards. It allows students, parents and teachers to see what a student has learned and what is next.

For elementary parents, after you login to Empower you will need to select the student you would like to look at by clicking on their name.  That will take you to the same view as the student.

Each Course has its own block with the teacher’s name, the current course score and letter grade will be shown here. There will also be an indication of how many learning targets are scored at or above the meets level.  This number will begin at 0 for the start of the school year and will rise as students reach meets level or extends level on the learning targets that make up the course.

By clicking on this learning target button you will be able to view all the learning targets for the course and any scores that have been entered. This learning target has been scored and this one has not been scored yet. If there is a comment on a score you will see this notification.  To get the comment to appear place your mouse on the comment icon.

In order to look at another course, press this X in the top right corner to bring you back to the list of courses that you were at before. 

Questions? Email us at: empower@district112.org