Equity Audit

Eastern Carver County Schools has contracted with Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, CEO of Adjusted School Equity Solutions and professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Minnesota, to conduct an Equity Audit of the district.  The Equity Audit will allow us to understand how to improve instruction, curriculum, and school climate for all students in our district, especially those that are traditionally underserved.

Through the audit, we will collect key data to better understand the factors that contribute to student achievement in Eastern Carver Public Schools and to identify any areas that may contribute to differences in achievement based upon race, socioeconomic status, gender etc.  This audit will also provide information to assess how all our community members—students, parents, teachers, and administrators —feel about educational and community-related issues within our district.

The process will include surveys, focus groups, and a comprehensive analysis of district policies and practices.  When the audit is concluded, the information will provide key action steps to address disparities, including recommendations for policy adjustments, professional development for staff, and more.

Dr. Khalifa will present at the May 20 School Board meeting, with his work to begin immediately thereafter. Results of the audit should be available to the district later in August.