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The Eastern Carver County Schools School Board encourages use of school facilities. The Facilities Team, located in Community Education, schedules district facilities and athletic fields.

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Facility Information

Timeline for Requesting Space

At Eastern Carver County Schools we have a schedule of when groups can request space. All school-sponsored events receive priority, and therefore are entered first. All outside user groups can reserve space once all the school-sponsored events are entered, following the schedule below.

For events occurring during… August 15 – December 31  January 1 – March 15  March 16 – August 14
You can enter your requests beginning… July 15 November 15 February 15

Have a question or need to revise an existing facility request? Email 112facilities@district112.org with your permit number (if available) and question.

Have a rental concern? Complete the Facility Concern Form and we will contact you after further review.


Facility Rental Policies

Eastern Carver County Schools policies, local and state ordinances, laws and fire codes pertaining to use of public facilities must be observed. A copy of all school policies are available at www.district112.org but are not limited to the following:

  • Firearms and weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  • Gambling, drinking and/or possession of intoxicants or dangerous, harmful or illicit drugs on school grounds is prohibited.
  • Eastern Carver County Schools is Tobacco Free and use of tobacco products is prohibited on district grounds.
  • District policy prohibits all forms of sexual harassment and violence.
  • If a fire alarm sounds in any area of a building, the entire building must be evacuated.
  • No parking in fire lanes is allowed. Access for emergency vehicles must be maintained at all times. Violators will be tagged and/or towed.

School Closings:

When school is canceled due to inclement weather or physical problems, all activities during the day and after school may be canceled, as well as ALL evening activities. The school district reserves the right to cancel any reservations should the district deem necessary. Check our website at www.district112.org or listen to WCCO-AM radio.  In case of inclement weather on weekends it is up to the user group to decide if they want to cancel their activity. 


  1. Regular school activities, and organizations within the School District, shall have first priority for the use of all facilities.
  2. All facility requests must be submitted at least ten (10) working days prior to desired use.
  3. A $20 Scheduling Fee will be assessed annually.
  4. Additional custodial costs for special set-ups or additional clean-up may be assessed if deemed necessary.
  5. Usage fees shall be set at the time of application. cancelations must be made three (3) business days in advance of the scheduled use or charges may apply.
  6. Request for equipment and set-up must be made at at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  7. The School District reserves the right to cancel any reservation should the district deem necessary.
  8. Invoices for use of facilities, equipment, and district personnel are sent out the end of each month and are due within 30 days. Permit holders with unpaid bills of 60 days or more will not receive approval for additional usage requests until the account has been settled.
  9. If you are tax exempt, a completed “Certificate of Exemption MN Revenue Form ST16″ must accompany your request. This can be found at the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s website.


All applicants and/or organizations agree to assume all responsibility for damage or liability of any kind and further agree to hold harmless Eastern Carver County Schools from any liability and/or expense in connections with the use of the school facilities. The Board of Education shall require the applicant and/or organization to furnish a “Certificate of Liability/Property Insurance” in the amount of $500,000 per person/$1,500,000 per occurrence, which names Eastern Carver County Schools as the additional insured.

Use of Facilities:

  1. All facilities must be returned to their original order.
  2. The applicant is responsible for continuous on-site adult supervision of their activity. Adult supervisors are responsible for the group’s conduct, compliance with all rules, and to ensure that users remain in the area authorized in the permit.
  3. Any equipment and/or decorations brought into the facility must be prior approved and removed directly following the event.
  4. Food and refreshments must be consumed and disposed of in appropriate areas, and are not allowed in Gymnasiums or Theaters.

Bringing Food into our Facilities:

For the protection of Eastern Carver County Schools and all participants, strict guidelines must be followed when consuming food in our facilities.

  • Home-prepared shared meals or baked items (potluck dinners) are allowed only if they are shared in a private group with family/friends and may not be sold or served at a ticketed event.
  • In accordance with the Minnesota Food Code rental events (non-private in nature) that serve food must meet these guidelines for food preparation:
    • Commercially prepared in a licensed facility or are pre-packaged in individual (single) servings;
    • Prepared by Eastern Carver County Schools Nutrition Staff
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

All school-sponsored events receive priority. All outside user groups can reserve space following the schedule below:

For events occurring during …  Aug 15 – Dec 31  Jan 1 -Mar 15  Mar 16 – Aug 14
You can enter your requests beginning …  July 15 November 15 February 15
  • How do I communicate a concern regarding my rental? We are sorry to hear about your concern. Please complete our Rental Concern form so we can better understand the issue.


Lori Karstensen
Facilities Administrative Assistant
(952) 556-6403
Madeline Lund
Operations Specialist
(952) 556-6437
Sue Harberts
Operations Manager
(952) 556-6410