Eastern Carver County Athletic Center

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The Eastern Carver County Athletic Center was completed in December, 2017. Students from Chaska Middle School East utilize this new space for physical education during school hours. Outside groups including E. Carver Co. Schools Community Education, district athletic teams, and approximately 10 other local sports groups and organizations rent the facility throughout the year. Reservations can be made year round to use the turf, however, the facility will only be covered by the dome from approximately November through April each year.

Eastern Carver County Athletic Center:   Located at 1650 Park Ridge Dr., Chaska.

  • 230 ft x 450 ft
  • Size allows for 3 field areas of approximately 130 ft by 190 feet each
  • 103,500 total sq. ft.

For more information about facility availability – click here.

Have a question or need help placing a facility request? Email 112facilities@district112.org

Frequently Asked Questions at the Eastern Carver County Athletic Center

Why can’t the dome be kept up all year?

  • Having the dome up for more than six months of the year means building codes would consider it similar to a permanent building. This would require it to have a fire suppression system (sprinklers) and the district would need to meet additional code requirements. It would also require air conditioning, which would be expensive to install and operate.

Why didn’t the district design the dome to be up all year?

  • Given the additional expenses, it was not clear our public would have supported it considering that in the summer there are many more options for open fields. It would be expensive to run air conditioning and with more green space available to the public in warmer months, the district wouldn’t have a reliable revenue stream to offset the cost. Finally, its primary use is to provide gym/athletic space for Chaska Middle School East. With kids out of school in the summer, there is no need to operate additional athletic space.

What does it cost to raise and lower the dome?

  • The annual cost is about $120,000. The rental fees Eastern Carver County Schools’ Facilities Department collects offsets some this cost. The goal is for the dome to operate independent of taxpayer support, with fees covering costs to install and remove the dome, and utilities.

Is the facility used year-round?

  • Yes, the artificial turf allows the Athletic Center to be used year-round and in all kinds of weather. Artificial turf has some advantages to grass fields. Grass turf requires more annual maintenance and can be ruined if used after a heavy rain. The artificial fields have a drainage system that moves water to a nearby retention pond. This ensures the fields can be used, even during rain. The dome is raised and heated during winter months.

Is the dome open to walkers/runners during the winter months?

  • The walking track is available for public use when the Athletic Center is rented by non-school groups.
  • During rented times, the building will be unlocked and a building monitor will be on duty.
  • Please respect the building monitor’s decision if they deem the walking track as unsafe due to the activity on the field(s).
  • Due to school use, the walking track is not available during school hours.Please use the Facility Calendar to see when the Athletic Center is rented and therefore, available for walking. (use Chrome or Firefox as your browser, not Internet Explorer) Type Athletic Ctr into the location box and select the winter season option. You can see a better view of the schedule by selecting the “Day” or “List” view of the calendar.