Frequently Asked Questions: Registration

Q. Where do I go to register my child(ren) for school?

A. New students register at the Welcome Center located in the District Education Center at 11 Peavey Road, Chaska. The Welcome Center is located on the second floor by the main reception area (Door 8).

Q. When is the Welcome Center open?
A. The Welcome Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. We understand that some families may need to drop by spontaneously to register, an appointment is not necessary.  If you prefer to make an appointment, call 952-556-6112.

Q. Can I register all of my children at the same time?
A. Yes. The Welcome Center is a central registration process for grades K-12.
Q. What information do I need to bring along to register my child(ren)?

A. We require the following information to register students in Eastern Carver County Schools:

  • Proof of Age and Name of Student – Please bring a copy of one of the following: the child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Proof of Residency – Please bring a copy of one of the following: a current utility bill; rental/lease agreement; purchase agreement.
  • Pupil Immunization Records – Minnesota state law requires students to have up-to-date vaccinations in order to attend public schools. Please provide a record of your child’s vaccinations or provide written proof of exemption to attend school.
  • Request for School Records – The Welcome Center will request copies of your child’s school records and transcript from your previous school. Please provide the name, address and phone number of the school during registration.
Q. Is any other information helpful to the process?

A. The Welcome Center will ask you to complete the following forms as you enroll your child. Please bring along any information you might need to complete the forms accurately.

  • Student Health Form – We can serve your children better if we are aware of any health issues they may have.
  • Application for Educational Benefits – This application is for assistance with the cost of school meals.
  • Bus Forms – If your child will be bused from an address that is not your own, you’ll be asked to complete a Elementary and Middle School Transportation Registration form providing the daycare’s address. All students grade 9 through 12 will be asked to complete a High School Transportation Registration Form.
  • Special Education IEP – If your child has an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) through a special education program at your current school, please remember to alert the Welcome Center. If you have a copy of the IEP, bring it along. If not, we’ll contact the school to request a copy.
Q. Do children need to accompany parents to enroll at the Welcome Center?

A. Students are welcomed to attend but it is not required to complete the registration process.

Q. Can I complete the registration form and other required forms before going to the Welcome Center?
A. We encourage you to complete the forms online and then download the completed forms and bring them along as you enroll at the Welcome Center. Completed forms can save families time at the Welcome Center.
Q. Once my child(ren) is registered, how do I find out about my child's assigned school?
A. The Welcome Center will give you a profile of your school(s) before you leave. We will alert the school of your enrollment and the school will call you to set up the next steps to confirm your family’s registration at the school when they have the student records.
Q. How long must we wait between the time we register at the Welcome Center and the first day of school attendance?
A. The Welcome Center will request your child’s school records after you give us the contact information from your current school. Your new school will call when the records are here to invite you and your child to a meeting at the school. If the previous school sends the records right away, students generally are in school within a couple of days.
Q. How can I find out what school(s) my children will attend?
A. Our website offers a school boundary lookup. Simply type in your new address and the location finder will pull up the elementary, middle school and high school serving that address.
Q. We don't speak English. Will translation help be available at the Welcome Center?
A. If you need translation assistance at the Welcome Center, we ask that you make an appointment to allow us to set up translation services for you. Our phone number is 952-556-6112.
Q: No hablamos Inglés. ¿Está disponible la ayuda de traducción?
R. Si necesita ayuda de traducción en el Centro de Bienvenida , le pedimos que haga una cita para que podamos configurar los servicios de traducción para usted . Nuestro número de teléfono es 952-556-6112 .
Q: Waxaan aadan ku hadlin Ingiriis . Ma caawinaad turjumaad la heli karo?
A. Haddii aad u baahan tahay caawimaad turjumaad ee Xarunta Welcome, waxaan kaa codsaneynaa in aad ballan samaysato si ay noogu suurto gasho in qotomiyey adeegyada turjumaada idiin. lambarka taleefanka waa 952-556-6112.
Q. We are homeless. Can we register students without an address?

A. Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, schools must identify students in homeless situations and provide appropriate services. One of those services is enrolling students in school, even without proof of residency. The Welcome Center staff will ask all families a question about homeless status and will ensure homeless students are enrolled in school.

Q. I am divorced, but my former spouse and I share custody of our children. Can I register our children for school by myself?

A. The parent/guardian with primary custody of the child must register the child. In addition, the parent with primary custody must live within the boundaries of the Eastern Carver County Schools. The child must spend the majority of the school year with that parent/guardian. Please bring the court documents that assign custody to the Welcome Center as you register for school.