Community resources to support individuals with special needs

Eastern Carver County Schools’ surrounding communities have a wide variety of resources and opportunities to support individuals with special needs. Two resources are listed below: 1.   Needs assessment at Prairie Care for Mental Health Concerns Taken from Prairie Care website: A Needs Assessment is a face-to-face interview with a trained counselor to help determine which level of care is most appropriate for that person. Anybody can schedule a Needs Assessment at one of our six locations. PrairieCare will schedule needs assessment appointments at the first opening available. A Needs Assessment is not a full psychiatric evaluation, but rather a comprehensive assessment which determines the most appropriate mental health services to address an individual’s needs. This may include but is not limited to: outpatient clinic services, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospital, inpatient hospital, residential treatment, or substance abuse treatment. Contact Jame Barten, MA, LMFT,... Continue reading Community resources to support individuals with special needs

5 Tips for working effectively with your student’s IEP manager

As students and staff move toward the second semester, here are some friendly tips to keep in mind when working with school staff: 1.Establish a communication plan What works best for your IEP Manager and you? It might be e-mails, phone calls, or in-person communication. Work together to make a plan on the best medium of communication, as well as the frequency (bi-weekly? monthly? quarterly?). Having a clear plan can help avoid unnecessary meetings or frustrations. 2.   Be Proactive Alert your student’s IEP Manager to any significant changes that could impact in school performance. These changes might include: Sleep changes (trouble sleeping, overly tired) Medication changes Mood changes Home/Family changes or stresses (sibling moving to college, parent job change, schedule changes, family death, the birth of a sibling, etc.) 3.     Reach out at Conferences Make a point to connect with your child’s IEP Manager at conferences. IEP Managers are present and available during building... Continue reading 5 Tips for working effectively with your student’s IEP manager

Your school district tax bill explained

The School Board certified its tax levy on Dec. 10. The property tax levy determines 22 percent of the district’s total revenue. The largest source, 72 percent, is from the state of Minnesota. The district’s property tax levy is increasing by 5.8 percent, but most properties in the school district will see no increase or a slight decrease to the school district portion of their tax bill. This is because that increased levy is offset by two factors: There are more properties in the school district (the cities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver and Victoria), and property values are increasing. An increase in property valuation spreads the school district’s tax levy across a larger base, thus lowering the tax on an individual property. School district taxes, overall, have been declining since 2015 due to the growing tax base, and conservative fiscal management by the School Board and district administration. The School Board sets a tax levy each year. Tax levy items under direct... Continue reading Your school district tax bill explained

Board approves school calendars for next two years

At its regular meeting on Dec. 10, the School Board approved the school calendars for the next two years. All students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, will start school the day after Labor Day. New next year: the district has added two assessment days for grades K-5 during the week before Labor Day. Completing these “Assess & Connect” sessions for students in kindergarten through grade 5 will allow teachers to plan and deliver personalized instruction sooner. Targeted reading instruction and interventions can also begin earlier in the year. Students in grades K-5 will be released two days earlier than middle and high school students in the spring of 2020 and 2021. 2019-2020 calendar highlights include: Aug. 27-28 — Assess & Connect grades K-5 Sept.2 — Labor Day Sept. 3 — 1st day of school grades K-12 Oct. 17-18 — No School/Education MN Nov. 1 — No School/Conference-Workshop Nov. 27-29 — Thanksgiving Break Dec. 2  — No... Continue reading Board approves school calendars for next two years

District welcomes new leadership for 2018-19 school year

Kelli Krick Oborn, Specialized Education Supervisor Kellie has worked in the field of special education for more than 20 years. Most of her teaching career was with St. Paul and Minneapolis Schools, teaching in both mainstream and center-based special education classrooms. Most recently, she spent several years preparing special educators at the University of St. Thomas. Kellie supervises specialized education programs at Chaska Middle School East and West, Jonathan and Clover Ridge Elementary, and La Academia. Michelle Cuka, Specialized Education Supervisor Before joining E. Carver Co. Schools Specialized Services, Michele worked in St. Louis Park, New Prague and Shakopee. In her new role, she supervises the 9-12+ programs at STAR, Chaska High School, Chanhassen High School, Integrated Arts Academy, and the district’s 17-21 program. Kim Franta, Nutrition Services Director Prior to joining our district, Kim served as director of Nutrition Services at New Prague Area Schools for 3 ½... Continue reading District welcomes new leadership for 2018-19 school year

District 112 Foundation Fall Grants Awarded

District 112 Foundation has funded eight teacher grant requests for a total of $15,000 in awarded funds.   1 & 2. Chanhassen Sensory Room (Chanhassen High School) and The Reset Room (Chaska High School) These grants support the creation of rooms where staff could encourage students to go for a quick reset when they are dealing with anxiety, high stress, or high emotions. The rooms will give students the opportunity to regain composure and assist them in self-regulating behavior in an appropriate space. ​ 3. Extending Makerspace: Circulating Makerspace Kits (Chaska Middle School East) This grant provides for expansion on the weekly offering of Makerspace sessions during WIN time. By creating mini Makerspace kits that can be checked out by staff or learners, CMSE will expand the Makerspace Learning Center program into classrooms and exponentially increase learners’ opportunities to enrich and extend their learning. 4. Next Generation of Music Education (Chaska Middle School West)... Continue reading District 112 Foundation Fall Grants Awarded

Facility task force helping prioritize our “to-do” list

A chill in the air means that for many, the holiday season is approaching and fall parent-teacher conferences have wrapped up. It’s also the time we raise the dome over the Athletic Center. This is our community’s second season with athletic fields protected from the weather. This is going to be a community amenity for years to come. Students at Pioneer Ridge Middle School are now swimming as part of their personal wellness classes. Carver Elementary and the additions at Victoria and Clover Ridge elementary schools now operate as if they were always there. We hear from families in other school districts who view our facilities and our excellent curriculum with envy. We’re grateful for the support of our community in the 2015 referendum that provided these facilities. Survey results indicate 93 percent of residents rate the quality of our schools as good or excellent, one of the highest results in the metro area. We do not take any of it for granted. After the first few years, new... Continue reading Facility task force helping prioritize our “to-do” list

Nutrition Services Spotlight on Linda Riesgraf

What is your favorite thing about working for Nutrition Services at Eastern Carver County Schools? It’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite thing, because so many elements go into making this a job I thoroughly enjoy.   But, bottom line, it’s the people.  The nutrition staff in our kitchen works together so well.  They are a supportive, professional, and really fun group of ladies. The students and staff are great customers.  I always enjoy hearing their comments—especially when they love something we are serving…and even their feedback when they don’t. What is the funniest thing a student has ever said to you? Recently, a student was nearing the end of the serving line with a pretty full tray. He smiled proudly and said, “When you like to eat as much as I do, you learn the art of stacking your food efficiently.” What is your favorite thing to cook at home? At home, I like to try out new recipes. Lots of trial and error, but once in a while, I make something I love! Who was your... Continue reading Nutrition Services Spotlight on Linda Riesgraf

School Board Election Results 2018

Seven candidates were running for four at-large seats on Eastern Carver County Schools’ Board of Education. Unofficial results show that voters selected incumbents Lisa Anderson, Fred Berg and Tim Klein. Voters also chose Jennifer Stone, who will join the board in January. Results are unofficial until canvassed by the School Board, which occurs at its next regular meeting, Nov. 12. Detailed results are available from Carver... Continue reading School Board Election Results 2018

When it comes to district finances, no news is good news

We’re happy to report news about the district’s finances that is, frankly, not news. When district finances are audited, which they are every year, the best outcome is that the auditors find no compliance issues. That was the case again this year. An audit was conducted by CliftonLarsonAllen and its opinion was “clean.” This is the best that any organization can do in an audit. The auditors also help advise the board and district staff about important changes in accounting practices. The School Board approved the audit at its Oct. 22 meeting. Visit the finance department’s website to view all the district’s finance documents.  E. Carver Co. Schools was one of many in the districts in the state of MN to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence (COE) for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). For the second year in a row, the Finance Dept. received the Meritorious Budget Award from the Association of School Business Officials International... Continue reading When it comes to district finances, no news is good news