H.E.L.P. Resources


Eastern Carver County Schools’ staff understands
that everyone needs a little help once in awhile

We understand how important it is to connect students and parents with district and community resources to support a student’s ability to focus, learn, and succeed while in school. We have resources that can H.E.L.P. — talk to a trusted school staff member today about any of the following supports you or your family may need:

Mental, Physical and Dental Health

Emotional Wellbeing

Food, Clothing and Basic Needs

Affordable Housing or Temporary Shelter


Language and Culture

Transportation Needs

Personal Identity

Who can access H.E.L.P. resources from Eastern Carver County Schools?
Any student  who attends Eastern Carver County Schools, or their family members, can request resource support through the H.E.L.P. resources.

What kinds of support resources are available?
Students and families request help and support in a number of areas including:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Language and Culturally specific resources
  • Food and personal needs items
  • Medical and dental care
  • Clothing
  • Temporary shelter due to homelessness
  • Affordable housing

How can school staff help me?
If you or your family need services or resources in any of these area,s talk with a School Counselor, Social Worker, IEP Case Manager, or your Principal. School staff will provide you with a short list of resources that relate to your requested area of need. School staff cannot make direct referrals or phone calls for you, but they will provide guidance and directions on where to find help.

What supports does H.E.L.P. provide to students experiencing homelessness?
A student can be considered homeless if they are living in a shelter, in the car, on the streets, or possibly if they are doubled up with another family. If a student is considered homeless they can receive support with transportation and automatically qualify for free and reduced lunch/breakfast.