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Eastern Carver County Schools serves the areas of Chanhassen, Chaska, Carver and Victoria. Carver County is located 25-30 minutes southwest of the Twin Cities. It is the state’s fastest growing county; our district is projected to grow by 60% by 20401. We currently serve approximately 9,600 students and 1,300 staff. Eastern Carver County Schools is made up of three high schools, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools. The area is picturesque with bluffs on the Minnesota River, rolling hills, pastoral farmland and lakes dotting the region. According to the U.S. Census, Carver County is the most highly-educated county in Minnesota and the 30th wealthiest county in the nation. “County Health Rankings & Roadmaps” named Carver the healthiest county in the state based on a variety of factors including length of life, physical activity, clinical care and more.

Source1: Metropolitan Council Research

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Why choose an E. Carver Co. Schools education?

We are replacing the factory model of education by asking the question, “What’s best for the academic and social growth of each learner?” Our students are given the power to shape their education, supported by high academic standards and guided by caring and knowledgeable staff. Personalized learning created learners who are motivated and excited about coming to school. Students have opportunities to develop passion projects where they can make connections between school and topics that they care about. High-achieving students are never held back, but are encouraged to go as far and as fast as they can. Students who need additional support can choose to learn in the ways that work best for them. We are student-centered with teaching practices that adapt to the student. Eastern Carver County Schools is a model for a 21st century education.

Elementary School

More than 900 elementary students district-wide work above grade level – because we challenge all students their learning level, removing artificial barriers to authentic learning.

Middle School

Students are carefully guided as they explore their evolving interests and build independence. Our middle schools go beyond the core curriculum with more choices to suit their individuality and their interests.

High School

Three high schools allows each student to be in the limelight. While other high schools in our area have been expanding beyond 2,500 students, residents of Eastern Carver County Schools voted for smaller high schools – doubling the opportunities for your student while maintaining small-school environments.

Eastern Carver County Schools is a national leader in Personalized Learning.

What is Personalized Learning? What does it look like?

Helpful Links

Schedule a Tour – See personalized learning in action… in person!

District Map – Get a birds-eye-view of where all of our schools and facilities are located.

Kindergarten – Learn more about our kindergarten programs.

Preschool – Learn more about our preschool program, rated 4 stars by Parent Aware.

Club Care – Learn more about our popular before- and after- school child care program.

Spanish Immersion at La Academia (K-5) – Get a look into our two-way dual-language Spanish immersion program, unique to the west metro. Find out why it’s the recommended way to learn a new language. 

Kinder Academy – Learn more about our program for young 5-year-olds, such as those with summer birthdays. Students move to first grade after one or two years.

Integrated Arts Academy – Learn more about our third public high school which offers curriculum through a variety of arts-focused areas including Culinary, Horticultural and Visual Arts.

Community Education – Stay up-to-date with the latest Community Education catalog with classes and programs available for all ages.

Have questions? Need more information?

Contact our Welcome Center at 952-556-6112 or email We’re located at 11 Peavey Road in Chaska, MN.

If you would like printed information about our district, please contact Lori Kendall at 952-556-6186 or