A new School Garden Grant Program is launching this school year. There are approximately seven school gardens currently serving as a source of learning for students throughout the district. This new grant program is open to employees of Eastern Carver County Schools to request funds to create or expand school gardens and outdoor learning opportunities.

It is an opt-in, first come-first serve grant program, and it is an open-ended submission and fulfillment process. To help get you thinking of how your school could utilize a school garden grant, you can visit Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom to give you some ideas – they have free Standards-Based lesson plans and materials accessible for your use.

Students and parents are a large part of implementing and maintaining school garden projects, so please give that piece some consideration as to how to develop a sustainable model for great learning opportunities including the community wherever possible.

E. Carver Co. Schools staff are encouraged to complete a School Garden Grant Application HERE. After completing the form, staff are asked to send it to schggprogram@gmail.com.