Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Committee’s purpose is to help our teachers and staff, along with community members with education licenses, meet the requirements to maintain and renew their licenses.

All standard five-year license expiration dates will be extended by one year.

For our licensed staff, go to KeepCertified to access your CEU records. Your user name is your district email address. Your Building Rep can reset your password if you forget it. You have to be a teacher employed in Eastern Carver County Schools for an account.
Non-district staff should use the link below labeled for them.
Sample Approval Email & Instructions
This is an example of the email you will receive once your information has been uploaded to the state.
Congratulations, you have met the State criteria for license renewal and the Continuing Education Committee has notified the State Licensure Dept. of your approval.
Please renew your license by the following process:
  1. Login to the site
You will need to:
  1. Have a copy of your last license from which you need your license number and serial number (you may call PELSB 651-539-4200 at the state for your serial number if you need it) .
  2. Use your credit card to pay to renew your license.
Once the license has been processed and renewed, you will be able to look up the new license with MDE .
Send an electronic copy of your new license to Human Resources.
Licensing for Administrators
Typically administrators want to keep their teaching license current along with renewing their admin. license. The administrator must go through the committee just like everyone else to renew their teaching license.
Once that is done, the administrator should send the signed application AND verification forms of 125 clock hours of administration credit to Jill Velure, who will verify to the state online. Hours must be from college courses on an approved transcript or pre-approved by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators.(In-district credits such as Tech Bytes are not accepted.)
If appropriate, the administrator can use some of his or her administrator continuing education credits to reach 125 for the teaching license, but generally can not use the continuing education teaching credits for the administrator portion of the license because the verification is not on a MN Board approved form.
Q: Do I have to renew my administrative license if I am not using it? I am a teacher with an administrative license.
A: To move from a 2 year first time administrative license to a 5 year, one year of experience must be verified by the employing district.
These teachers have a choice. They can renew every 2 years by paying the fee, OR they can allow the license to lapse and then when hired for a position for which the license is required, they can pay the fee to get a new 2 year license IMMEDIATELY. Then after 1 year of experience, they should go through the process of submitting verification of that 1 year of experience and move to a 5 year license. This might be a good option for those who have no immediate intention to apply for administrative positions since it would save them $60+ every two years.<;p>
The caveat is that they MUST apply for the 2 year license when hired for a job that requires administrative license. If they do not, they are practicing without a license, and this could be grounds for the Board of School Administrators to not allow them to GET a license when they submit the verification of that first year of experience if the experience was gained in a position for which they should have HAD the license. (It would violate the administrative code of ethics.)
If someone has a 5 year CONTINUING administrative license and it lapses, they can renew it if they have 125 CEU’s in the five years IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING the date of the application for renewal. (not the 5 immediately preceding the expiration date of the lapsed license)
Thanks to Lynn Scearcy for her research to provide this answer, verified by MDE Licensing 4/5/10.
Continuing Education Committee Roles

Janae Porthan
Jill Velure
Kelly Wiebe
Community Rep
LouAnn Kingsbury
Tech Support
Andrew Kothenbeutel

CE Committee Building Representatives

Bluff Creek Elementary
Jon Gustafson
Chanhassen Elementary
Nancy Netz
Chanhassen High
Brie Nelson
Chaska Elementary
Tracey Souvignier
Chaska High
Jessica Schriever
Chaska Middle East
Kelly Johnson
Chaska Middle West
Andy Granowski
Clover Ridge Elementary
Kris Kallman
District Education Center
Mary Jo Nairn (DEC Staff)
Mary Jo Nairn (Non-district)
East Union Elementary
Kelly Wiebe
Family Learning Center
Melissa Davidson
Integrated Arts Academy (IAA)
Mary Jo Nairn
Jonathan Elementary
Joanie Schnetzer
Pioneer Ridge Middle
Joh Klembarsky
Victoria Elementary
Janae Porthan