As part of Eastern Carver County Schools’ commitment to engage high school students in rigorous 21st century skills, the district created Capstone courses that require students to demonstrate real-world applications of advanced skills and knowledge. The Capstone Course is a project-based class that immerses students in an authentic, real-world experience. 

The Capstone experience provides the opportunity for every student to practice skills that will serve them well in college and at work:  critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication skills and collaboration. Capstone projects will originate from a student’s interest in one of four Areas of Interest in the high school curriculum.
– Arts and Communication
– Global Studies
– Health and Social Sciences
– STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Student Experience

The Capstone experience provides an opportunity for students to explore their passions in depth, through a process that places an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and real-world application of knowledge.  The journey begins early in one’s high school career, as you explore your options and interests, and culminates with the Capstone project.

Business & Community Partners

Our students need advisors, mentors, or one-time classroom speakers to help them be successful.  Your experience and counsel will impact the direction of student work, ensuring that student stake the appropriate paths on their journey to a completed Capstone project.
Businesses and community members are invited to participate in the following ways:
Guest Speaker: Conduct a one-time presentation/demonstration about a specific topic.
Review Panel Participant: Panel of experts listen to presentations, review project work and provide feedback to students.
Capstone Project Consultant/Mentor: Work with an individual or team of students as an advisor for a specific project. May include meeting at your place of business, phone calls and emails, working on a specific project, or meeting with students in person.